Thu, May 23


Just as Blacks have found themselves being taken for granted by the Democrat party, Hispanic voters should be aware that they are slipping into the same category - assumed safe votes for any Democrat nominee. After all, where else can they go? As long as they stay convinced the Democrat party has their best interests at heart that is a safe bet. But if they start looking too closely at the facts.....?

President Obama is saying, repeatedly, that he is going to do something about our "broken" immigration system. In 2008, he promised Hispanic voters that immigration reform was a major priority if they supported his election. They did - in large numbers. At the same time, the Democrats took commanding control over both Houses of Congress - a veto proof majority. Mr. Obama had that luxury for two years. Did he push through immigration reform? Not a chance.

The Democrats have proved, and are proving, that they do not want immigration reform per se. What they want is immigration reform as a political campaign issue. With the complicity of the liberal press, they are once again blaming Republicans for not allowing "comprehensive" (amnesty) immigration reform - disregarding their own failure to even try to pass it when they had clear sailing. This was made even more clearly this week. Last week Mr. Obama said he would ask Congress for authority to speed up the deportation process for thousands of children crossing our Texas border illegally, drawn by the promise of amnesty made by the president, himself, last year. This week he said he has reconsidered and will not seek that authority. Why? Obviously, it would hurt the Democrat position with Hispanics to now be seen deporting those he literally invited so recently.

If Hispanics begin to look past the immigration issue, what is it they want? They are no different from other American citizens. Blacks and Hispanics want decent paying jobs and the opportunity to participate in the American dream. Under Democrat leadership, the median income in the U.S. has fallen by a couple of thousand dollars a year, 40% of college grads are working jobs that do not require a degree even as student loan debt has soared to over a trillion dollars, energy policy which could produce hundreds of thousands of new, high paying jobs has been subjugated by climate fear-mongers, massive regulatory overreach drives industry overseas and new job creation is largely part time work. Millions of Americans have simply given up looking for jobs as the administration has pumped up welfare payments and changed disability into an early retirement system with easy access requirements.

To make sure the Hispanics don't look to closely takes constant effort. The current crisis on our southern border is an example. It has been revealed that the administration began preparing for the influx of unaccompanied children from Central America in January. They knew it was coming...welcomed it. Former Obama adviser Rahm Emmanuel said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Obama has added and addendum - "...even if you have to create it yourself."