Tue, May 21

1960: Cottonwood Little Daisy Mine, June, July.


"The first car of copper ore from the Cottonwood Little Daisy was shipped during the week from the company property on the slopes of Mingus Mountain above Cottonwood."

"A second car is to be shipped by the end of the week according to A. J. McClain, general manager and chief engineer for the MacCourt Corporation which is developing the mine. Samples of the ore have also been run through a Phoenix pilot plant, McCort said."

"'We will make further plans for an open pit operation when we get returns from the car of ore which went to Inspiration Copper Company at Miami,' McCain said. 'The outlook now is very good,' he said."

(The Verde Independent; Cottonwood; Thursday, June 23, 1960; page 12, column 1.)


"A contract for the erection of a 500 ton copper ore precessing mill at the site of the old Clemenceau smelter was announced yesterday by A. J. McClain, general manager and a director for MacCourt Inc., a Nevada corporation which early this year took over the former Becchetti Copper Corporation holdings on Mingus Mountain."

"Powdered Metals Corporaton of Phoenix has contracted to erect the mill and operate it with ore supplied from the Cottonwood Daisy Mine owned by MacCourt Inc."

"Construction of the mill is to start within 30 days McClain said. He said Powdered Metals is also considering a fabrication plant in conjunction with the mill, which will represent a total investment of over $300,000. A contract for the land is being negotiated with Ersel Garrison of Cottonwood."

"A New York City firm, Hydro Metals, is also considering erecting a mill and fabricating plant on the site, McClain said. The president of the firm, Will Hayden, is expected in Cottonwood today to look over the property."

"Both Powdered Metals and Hydro Metals Corporations have processes whereby they extract copper from ore without smelting. Powdered Metals process is called the Harlan Process which was invented by George E. Harlan of Phoenix. Harlan is to supervise the construction and operation of the plant."

"According to the amended prospectus for Powdered Metals, filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission July 10, in the Harlan Process copper ore is crushed to 1/4 inch minus and placed in a leaching vat with a special leaching solution. The solution is allowed to stand on the crushed ore 25 to 30 minutes. It is then filtered and pumped into an electric cell, invented by Harlan, and electric current applied. Metallic copper is gathered on an electrode made of an alloy which will not bond to the copper metal. The copper falls off the electrodes of its own weight and is collected in the bottom of the cell. The solution is pumped off, returned to the line, and used over and over again."

"The metal is ready for some markets in this form. It may also be marketed in dry powder form or pressed from the powder into any form the copper market requires, according to the prospectus."

"The time element in other refining methods ranges from three to 28 days. In the Harlan Process, copper metal in powdered form is extracted in one hour and tests 99-plus percent purity, the prospectus says."

"The Harlan Process, the prospectus continues, is particularly designed to handle ore which is high in alumina. An adequate supply of high alumina bearing copper ore exists in Arizona and these ores are not readily sold to existing smelters because it will not flux without an additive and additional expense. In the Harlan Process, costs are reduced by the time saved in extraction, by automatic devices which reduce man hours, and the efficient leach solution is used again and again with little waste per cycle."

"The copper powder, the prospectus continues, can be pressed into ingots which may be finished into wrought copper, wire bar ingots, or any other product presently fabricated from copper metal. Metals in powdered form can be pressed into a quality product of almost any desirable size and shape, thus reducing costs of manufacturing."

"The prospectus says powdered copper demands a premium price and is not always readily available. The premium price historically, is approximately 14 1/2 c above the price of electrolytic copper anode. The Harlan Process is designed to fulfill the needs of the powdered copper metal market by producing in volume, powdered copper at lower cost and a high margin of profit."

"The mill will employ about 25 men. The Cottonwood Daisy will be a highly mechanized open pit mine and will employ about 6 men, McClain said. MacCourt Inc., will contract the mining operation, he continued."

"President of Powdered Metals Corporation is Frederick E. Kallof, a Phoenix attorney. Vice president is Frank Maddock, president and engineer of Maddock & Associates, Engineers, Inc., well known Arizona engineering firm."

(The Verde Independent; Cottonwood; Thursday, July 28, 1960; page 1, columns 4-5, and page 12, columns 1-2.)