Fri, May 24

1899: JEROME FIRE, May 19.

"The fire which originated in the Leland Hotel on the morning of the 19th inst. spread very rapidly. In a few moments the entire block from the residence of William Munds to the new hospital on both sides of Hull avenue, to the west side of Main street, was one mass of flames."

"The New York Store in the Kuchler brick buiding was almost a total loss from smoke and water, estimated $10,000; Tovrea & Clay, small loss; Lyons & Knoblock, nominal; Scott's bowling alley, $800; C. M. Clark & Son, notions, $2,800; Park & Lewis, barbers, $800; Neff & Maddox, $2,000; Annex saloon, $2,000; Senate saloon, $1,500; Hoover & Cordiner, $3,000 on furnture and new building, $2,000 on saloon; David Connor, $5,000; J. C. Lanham, Elite saloon, stock and fixtures, $3,000; Dora E. Clark, building, etc., $2,500; Hooker & McFarland, St. Elmo saloon, building stock and fixtures, $3,000; Joseph Tamborino, Arizona saloon, $1,500; Red Light saloon, E. Carroll, $800; McIntyre & Co., $600; Fritz Williams, $?00; Allen Johnson, blacksmith, $700; B. Quinjado, $400; L. Reves, $400; J. Ewing, furniture, $800; Japanese Charley, house and furniture, $2,500; Jennie Bauters, house and furniture, $2,500; John Grace, saloon, $1,500; B. Beck & Son, $1,000; B. Boyd, furniture, stock $2,000; J. D. Shea, building, $1,500; J. Noriega, building and furniture, $1,500; Charley Hong, $1,000; Charles Matthews, barber, $1,000; Geo. Washington, $700. About twenty small dwellings, with contents are a total loss; also about the same number in the Mexican quarter."

"There were no fatalities. Three persons were slightly injured. Dr. Cody's clothing was burned from between his shoulders, and his face and hands were burned, but not seriously. Mrs. Sutter's hands were burned in saving a little child. The child also has slight injuries. There was comparitively no insurance, and most of the losses are total. The buildings destroyed comprise eight drinking saloons, ten restaurants and a number of shanties, all of the lightest construction. The loss exceeds $50,000, with $14,400 insurance."

(The Coconino Sun; May 27, 1899; page 8, column 1.)