Thu, May 23

Pet Direct opens in downtown Camp Verde
Makers of Breeders Select food 'eliminate the distributors'

On Oct. 2, Suzan and Paul Baker opened Pet Direct in downtown Camp Verde. VVN/Bill Helm

On Oct. 2, Suzan and Paul Baker opened Pet Direct in downtown Camp Verde. VVN/Bill Helm

CAMP VERDE - Had they been pleased with the quality of name-brand dog food, Suzan and Paul Baker would not be the owners of their own pet supply store in downtown Camp Verde.

"We did not want to take a chance with our dogs getting sick," says Paul Baker. "I found a company that would make our dog food and we proceeded forward."

Breeders Select is a "back to basics food that everyone can afford," he says. When the Bakers found the food to be a success, they expanded their product line and started All American Pet Products, Inc. The Bakers eventually outgrew the warehouse and decided to go retail.

On Oct. 2, they opened Pet Direct, which they have geared to a wide variety of animals. With 40 years of experience in the animal business, Suzan Baker missed her calling, her husband says.

"She is excellent with animals," says Paul. "My wife has been the largest breeder of Doberman pinschers in the country the last several years. She should have been a vet."

Since many of the products the Bakers sell are from their All American Pet Products line, they "eliminated the distributors, so nobody can beat our prices," Suzan Baker says.

Says Paul Baker, Breeders Select is "affordable to everyone across the country."

"We even pay a great deal of the shipping cost for the customer," he says. "We get a new load of food about every 10-12 weeks so our customers have the freshest food."

Pet Direct also offers dog bones, chews, bully sticks, vitamin, hip and joint, senior dog supplements and treats. Though the new pet store is conveniently located for Verde Valley animal owners, the Bakers sell their Breeders Select line from Flagstaff to Phoenix. Says Amy Oard, office manager for Pet Direct, Paul Baker "has the energy of a 12-year-old."

"He blows my mind," Oard says. "He works constantly and even runs dog orders to Phoenix on a weekly basis. He has passion for his product and his new store and he loves to share it with his customers."

Pet Direct even sells treats and jerky by the pound. "This way they do not have to pay for packaging and the label that gets thrown away," Paul Baker says.

Pet Direct is located at 368 S. Main St. and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call (928) 567-8459 or visit