Sun, May 26

Short month, long days at VOCA

Gwen Hanna

Gwen Hanna

To say that this has been a busy month for VOCA is an understatement, and with only twenty-eight days in February, it makes it feel all the more as if we are just running out of time.

All of our team of employees, volunteers, and contractors have been working on a variety of activities. Below are the highlights:

The HOA/VOCA administration office: The transition with HOAMCO continues to make steady progress. Their staff have been collaborating with our golf and administration team to start the digitization of our internal documents, the IT integration of our respective systems, the physical clean-up of our administration office, as well as the beautification of other areas of our community center. This also involved the re-painting of our ballroom which has been completed, and the re-carpeting of our community center soon to come.

The park: It is always good to see high usage of our park by the community-at-large. Some of you may not know its history, but long story short, although the park is owned by the Village Of Oakcreek Association, it is named the Kiwanis Park because of the long-standing partnership that we have with the Sedona-Bell Rock Kiwanis Club, including their financial contributions that help in part with the costs for maintaining the park. At their breakfast meeting this month, the Kiwanis Club generously presented VOCA with a $5000 check to be used for the playground resurfacing project. We are now waiting for the proper weather so we can begin this endeavor, as we need consistent temperatures above forty degrees Fahrenheit in order to properly lay the surface.

The golf course: The maintenance crew had quite the job during our snowstorm, freeze, and then rain in the first couple of weeks in January, and as predicted, our revenues reflected the inclement weather. But then we were gifted with the Arizona sun and warm temperatures in February, and members and guests have kept the golf operations staff and crews extremely busy. The 11AM shotguns will go away beginning March, and the course will be open earlier in the morning for teeing off.

The committees: We are very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers on our standing committees and a big thank-you goes out to all the participating members. We also have ad-hoc committees that are formed for specific projects. The Policy and the Election committees are two such volunteer organizations that have been meticulously working in recent months on behalf of the VOCA board.

The Policy Committee has been assisting in the review of our internal policies. Their charter is to evaluate and recommend revisions, deletions, replacements of our existing policies to accurately reflect current internal practices, and to ensure that these policies fall within the guidelines of existing statutory requirements as well as our VOCA governing documents. Once the project is completed and the board votes and adopts these changes, we are confident that the revised policies will be a more accurate and complete expression of the manner in which VOCA operates.

The Election Committee started working in December, putting together the activities required to kick-start our recruitment process for new board members. Thanks to their diligence, as well as community interest, we have received five applications for three open board positions. One position will be for a two-year term to fill the vacancy of a board member that resigned. The other two positions are for three-years, and represent the expiring terms of two current members. The candidates that have bravely and graciously come forward, in alphabetical order are: Rick Comfort, Joe Jansen, Jim Kautz, Jan Lisowski, and Earl Svenningsen. More information on the candidates will be provided to the VOCA community, in our upcoming newsletters and in the Villager. Candidate profiles will also be included in our actual ballots. The Election Committee will also hold a "Meet the Candidates" Forum on April 7th from 4-6PM, so local VOCA residents can meet and ask questions of the candidates. If practical, we hope to record this session in some way (audio or video) and make it available to VOCA members who are unable to attend.

All in all, we continue to stay busy and strive towards making our VOCA community even better than it is today.

Have a great March!