Thu, May 23

Seth Collins SR260 head-on collision generates thick case file

Seth Collins

Seth Collins

CAMP VERDE -- In the first appearance since he was indicted for a serious head-on collision on SR260, Seth Collins stood quietly for the first case management conference on a 23-count indictment Monday.

Both Collins' Defense Attorney Matthew Springer and prosecutor Patti Wortman both suggested preparation for the case will take more time

Springer said the case involves quite a lot of disclosure, assembled over seven months since the Nov. 21 accident near the county jail, where Collins is now housed.

Wortman added that there are many medical records involved. Five medical helicopters were lined up on the highway that evening to receive the three adults and five children to fly them to trauma center. Jeremy Hutchinson and Sabrina Champ and their children occupied the mini-van that the Collins GMC pickup struck.

The entire family was in court for the appearance, but did not speak. Champ is still using a wheel chair. She has expressed disappointment that the Collins indictment did not include a manslaughter charge.

The couple's unborn infant at the time of the accident died in February, reportedly succumbing to injuries from the accident, she said.

With the addition of the indictment for the actual Nov. crash, Collins now has three active cases. Two others charge possession of drug paraphernalia.

Collins is held on $75,000 bail. Superior Court Judge, Michael Bluff set a new case management conference for Aug. 10.