Thu, May 23

Be Fit Fit! The Mommy's Day Reflection

Why is it so important to me that my daughter likes to exercise? And, by "exercising", I mean both activities, structured around the gyms, studios, and soccer and other fields, and the games and other active pursuits, which she likes while not even realizing that she is working out (such as trampoline jumping or running with the dog).

Well, the gains of moving around and living the fit lifestyle early on are exponential. The active lifestyle becomes her habit. It becomes something she is used to do daily. She does not even realize how much energy and willingness some of us, adults, have to put into convincing ourselves to exercise. Daily commute to school by bike makes her a natural to use the same means of transportation when I ask her to run to the store and get some milk. In the future, she might be less dependent on her car to go to work or to the shop.

If Mom and Dad virtually run while running errands, our daughter might copy this behavior and do the same. We are known for occasionally running about 20 miles round-trip from our home to the Walgreens. Not to mention oftentimes running to the post office, my Studio, or the grocery store. She knows about it and is proud that we are able and willing to do it.

She knows that being fit means we are healthy, strong, outgoing, and that we eat really well. Making sure to know how important it is to sufficiently nurture our bodies might make her not buy into any so-called "diets", which unnecessarily deprive us of this or that nutrient. Being fit already makes her oscillate around the like-minded healthy young people. Socializing with them is her training for the future PR, wherever it will happen: on the tennis course or during that local mud race.

Fit friends know the work they put into their respective practices, respecting each other that much more. They are aware that staying fit is, to the extent, hard work, and then, lots of fun, as well.

Being routinely active contributes to her great health now and fares really well in this field for the future. The emotional aspect is important, as well. Our daughter's self-esteem soars after a great Swim team practice. And she feels really proud of the Nutcracker performances she delivers yearly. As a benefit of the substantial daily dose of exercise, all the "good" hormones stay at high levels in her body, making her feel able, capable and happy.

Let's make sure to set a great fitness example for our little ones. They would benefit from it both immediately and later on in their life.