Fri, May 24

Sedona author Susan Obijiski explores 'World of Dreams'

Susan Obijiski

Susan Obijiski

In 2011, local author Susan Obijiski published the first of three books in the Legacy of Dreams series.

The journey of creation and publication was completed in March of 2016 with the release of the final book in the series, entitled Dreams of the Exile. The Legacy of Dreams books (Dreams of the Many, Dreams of the Few, and Dreams of the Exile) were inspired by the challenges and trauma experienced by Susan's friends, relatives and acquaintances.

"I watched the people I care about deal with fear, death, autism, illness and the effects of abusive relationships," Susan said. "And I found myself marveling at the small and large acts of courage I witnessed. I wanted to tell a story to remind my readers that the courage to face adversity is already within them."

While the books were based on, and inspired by, people in her life, Susan admits there is a liberal portion of creative license in the situations and outcomes she conceived.

"Much of the Legacy of Dreams series takes place in the world of dreams. Working in that environment allowed me to create a world that is both dangerous and wondrous," says Obijiski. "It provides a backdrop and landscape in which the characters can work out their fears, face their demons and, ultimately, achieve their dreams and goals."

The latest, and last, book, Dreams of the Exile, concludes a book series that follows actor, Brody Murphy and his protégé, a young boy named Casey Wheeler, and engages their friends and family in a dream world they cannot control - or so they think.

Obijiski says, "This book puts a period on the Legacy of Dreams series and chronicles the end of Brody's journey. But, I like to imagine that these characters will go on to live fruitful lives, carrying with them a new understanding of the courage they possess. We can all be paralyzed by what we perceive to be our weaknesses but, if we fail to recognize our individual strength, and exercise our will, we will never achieve our potential."

Susan Obijiski will read excerpts from her latest novel, Dreams of the Exile, and sign copies of her books on April 16 and May 14, from 2-4 p.m., at Ramsey's Rocks and Minerals, 150 SR 179, STE 6, Sedona. For more information, call 928-204-2075.