Letter: I am done being a victim of loathsome slugs


This “wimpy weenie crybaby” has something to say to all those Trumpsters out there who so delight in insulting and belittling dissenters like me. I, and others like me, who have the temerity, the unmitigated gall, the chutzpah and the sheer nerve to proclaim that Trump is not my president. It’s a simple, yes or no question.

Have you ever been sexually assaulted?

If your answer is anything other than “yes”, then you, oh wise one, have NO right whatsoever to insult or belittle me, or any other person who rejects the Orange Menace.

Because I can guarantee you, if you had ever been yourself a victim of sexual assault, of rape, you too would be horrified beyond words, and angry as all hell, at anyone who could joke or boast of such a thing.

If you have the least shred of human decency, of compassion, you ought to be deeply troubled by a guy like this occupying the Oval Office. His misogyny is well-documented and spans many years. Obviously, he has no decency. But what about you?

And if not, well, you can take your superior attitude and stuff it! I am DONE with being a victim of loathsome slugs.

Desiree Valenzuela



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Deva1961 2 years, 3 months ago

I thank the editors of this newspaper for allowing me to speak my truth. Sexual assault can and does happen to anyone. Male, female, old and young. It is still a hugely under reported crime. The first time it happened to me (yes, more than once) I was 15. A child. 17 years later, it happened again. Back then, the laws, and courts, were mostly not on my side. I said nothing, and swallowed my pain and rage. It took this recent campaign cycle, and the terrible things that were said, to bring me to the point that I could keep silent no longer. If such a crime has been committed against you, I strongly urge you to report it, and seek help. You are not alone.


thecrowncat 2 years, 3 months ago

Thank you for STANDING YOUR GROUND, and really standing by your morals, Christian beliefs, ethics and in general, decent human values. You are right, unless you have experienced unwanted sexual interactions of ANY kind, shut up. What appalls me the most is how many women thought nothing of his comments or his behavior, past and present. It was not just locker room talk. It was bragging about committing sexual assault on women because of his name, status, and he knew he had better attorneys to shred their reputations, lives, friends and family in court. He is NOT a man to be held in any esteem of any kind. Not in business, not his ethics, or his morals. He really has no social redeeming values, none. We, as a human race have yet to get past the, "What did she do, say, wear, that made the male behave in such a manner. When, as a human race, are we going to automatically respond to any sexual assault " That male/female should be charged and held accountable for being a sexual predator before he/she has more victims." P.S. Bill and Monica had an affair between consenting adults, unethical, not a crime.