Thu, May 23

Meet District 6 State House candidate Bob Thorpe

Bob Thorpe

Bob Thorpe

Bob Thorpe - Republican candidate

Age: 59

Years in Arizona: 13

Occupation: State Legislator

Education: B.A. Degree plus two additional years of grad schools

Elective and advisory experience: Four years serving in the State House

Question 1: With a constituency ranging from urban Flagstaff and Sedona to rural Payson and White Mountains, how do you go about representing such a diverse range of interests?

Answer: My office is always open to citizens and local government officials and their concerns and suggestions. I attend local meetings and work on introducing bills, improving bills and improving state laws that impact LD-6, in order to improve the lives of our citizens living within our district.

Question 2: What do you believe to be the three most important issues now facing District 6 and how will you deal with them?

Answer: The passage of referendums to legalize recreational marijuana (Ed note: Thorpe is against), referendums that increase minimum wage to $15 per hour that would be detrimental to our local small businesses, continued increases in quality educational choices for families including appropriate educational funding.

Question 3: Would you be more apt to vote for funding and programs at the federal and state level or would you be more apt to vote them down in favor of autonomy at the local and county level? Why?

Answer: Local government control is best because it is closest to and most accountable to the local public. State government needs to support local governance and only pass laws that correct serious local problems and to create uniformity of laws across the state.

The State and Federal governments need to work together, however state officials have a responsibility to address and confront unreasonable and unconstitutional Federal overreach.