Letter: Pot vs. Alcohol = Apples vs. Oranges


I wish to respond to the two lengthy arguments written by Jesse Dowling that were recently published by this newspaper. Actually pretty much all of those in the pro-pot camp use the alcohol vs. pot argument. While not a real expert on either -- I drink a glass of wine or a margarita from time to time and have never smoked pot -- nor had the desire to smoke it. I fail to see a justifiable comparison.

Years ago I attended a few Ducks Unlimited events. I witnessed a handful of people who took the drinking too far and wound up very, very drunk. Ducks Unlimited provided transportation for those who were impaired to return safely home.

And while alcohol taken to those extremes is considered to be very, very unhealthy, the percentage of those who consume alcohol to that degree is very small. Most, if not all of the people I know, enjoy a glass of wine or a drink with dinner or at a social occasion. The purpose of the drink is not to get drunk. It is to enjoy the moment, enjoy food, enjoy friends.

Therein lies the big difference. The sole purpose in smoking a joint is to get stoned. It is my understanding that it is virtually immediate. There appears to be no middle ground. No chance to simply enjoy the taste if it even has such a thing.

No, the entire purpose of marijuana is to get impaired, drunk, high, stoned. So according to Mr. Dowling I am supposed to support the desires of potheads who have no other reason for smoking pot than to become impaired and then compare that to prohibition?

And their reason is that it is not unhealthy? So that means it is healthy? Right. Because it is not “unhealthy” I should support this vice for the betterment of society. No, that can’t be it. Because if it’s legal there will be more people driving under the influence - and there is no breathalyzer for pot. So the highways will be less safe - even if only by a few as Mr. Dowling states. And we want a few more why? So we try to get drunks off the road and then we legalize pot only to put more back on the road.

You know kids will get a hold of it. Great. Let’s start them down an intelligent road while they are still young. And what about my construction business. It is my understanding that this crap stays in your system. So someone is injured on the job and they test positive. I pay over 25 percent workman’s compensation and liability insurance on an employee. What happens to my rates? Maybe they only go up another 5 percent. Explain to me why I want to spend another ten grand a year so someone can get stoned out of their mind?

You mentioned that the repercussions that were predicted by those opposed to medical marijuana never really materialized. I think most of us that voted against it did so because we knew that this would be the next step. I have read that there was a huge spike in medical pot sales on December 31st last year. So apparently a bunch of medical pot users felt that they were going to become very sick on New Year’s Eve -- right. I guess all of their friends must have been sick, too.

Mr. Dowling, the only real reason to legalize pot is so people can get high. The big money that will find its way to the schools is just a smoke screen designed to get people like me to bite. I can only pray and vote so that doesn’t happen.

Bill Bullock



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lostone1413 2 years, 3 months ago

When I see the tobacco industry and the alcohol industry and the pharmaceutical business pushing so hard to keep it Illegal I know it should be legal The three leading industries as far as killing people go

As far as Pot goes you say that people only smoke a joint to get high. I could say they only take a drink to get drunk If not they could have coffee instead Both statement are really a joke

You need to do much more research Your letter shows a lack of knowledge on the subject. At one time it was legal to buy. Maybe you need to look into some of the big people that pushed to make it illegal in the first place. Also do some research as to what pot was for. Do you know it was use by the Church in the time of Jesus when they made holy oil or it was burned as incense in the tent. It was also used to make cloths rope tarps and was a medicine for many things That you need to read up on

Its very easy to see why the places I brought up are putting so much money to keep it illegal .


JD 2 years, 3 months ago

A reply to Mr. Bullock has been sent to the editor. I respect and appreciate Mr. Bullock and was happy to provide some info to assist in understanding the topic a little better.

I would post here but it's a bit too long- I have posted it on a face book page though-



Mesa 2 years, 3 months ago

Here is a link where officals in Colorado have asked the people opposing prop 205 to stop stating false facts about Colorado. http://azmarijuana.com/arizona-medica...">http://azmarijuana.com/arizona-medica...


RollinTraver 2 years, 3 months ago

I have a lot of respect for Mr Bullock, and disagree strongly with him on this issue. I urge him, and all of you, to consider our 100-year drug prohibitiopn experience in global historical perspective, take a realistic look at what is has done, and how recent liberalization changes have fared. Here is an excellent resource which includes lots of real stories of real people on all sides of the issue around the world:



JD 2 years, 3 months ago

And the response of the No on 205 campaign... They basically backed up the bus they have been throwing Colorado and it's citizens under for the last 3-4 years, and then proceeded to drive right over Colorado and it's citizens again. Told them to but out of AZ's business, that their facts were incorrect etc.



lostone1413 2 years, 3 months ago

To me it gets down to If I'm not hurting anyone should I have the right to do as I want. It is really a matter of personal choice The Government as long as I'm not hurting anyone has no business trying to control my personal life If I hurt someone then come after me.

On a side note Even Jesus used marijuana in one form or another. If you know the Bible Something that even most so called Christians don't. Cannabis was one of the ingredients used in the Holy Oil. You know what Jesus said to do if someone was sick?? It was also used as one of the incense that was burnt in the tent.

Look into what groups were the ones pushing to make it illegal in the first place. If that don't give you a clue look into what groups are putting the big money behind keeping it illegal. It that don't wake you up then I guess that their isn't much hope for you


Lonecowboy 2 years, 3 months ago

Stop it lostone1413. When other people are effected or injured by your right to do anything you like. YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO AS YOU PLEASE!