Thu, May 23

Mumaw, Johnson, Norton seek second term on Road Maintenance District

Mark Mumaw, Joanne Johnson, and Dave Norton, are running as a team for a second term on the Governing Board of the Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District (RRREMD).

The RRREMD board has the responsibility for the landscaping, benches, trash receptacles, sidewalks and pedestrian lighting in the District - a 1.63 mile portion of SR179 in the Village (ADOT and the Forest Service are responsible for the portions both south and north of the District - these areas are outside the District boundaries contained in the RRREMD charter).

Under Arizona statutes, the RRREMD has taxing authority. Mumaw, Johnson and Norton are committed to responsible, cost effective management of the District.

The RRREMD board has proven its ability to keep the landscaping beautiful while keeping taxes low.

During the original petition drive, the biggest concern in the community was government expansion and tax increases. RRREMD promised the public to keep taxes low and to resist expansion.

One of the RRREMD board’s biggest challenges is weed control. To meet that challenge safely, our board has consistently used only EPA approved products and methods.

These products and methods are supported by actions of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, Arizona

Department of Transportation (ADOT) and by virtually every landscaper in the Verde Valley.

They are used nationwide and have shown to be environmentally safe, especially in the tiny spot applications used by RRREMD. Mumaw, Johnson and Norton oppose costly experimental methods at the taxpayers’ expense. ADOT has found these experimental methods don’t work long term and are not cost effective.

In the first few years of operation, the RRREMD was under Yavapai County control, which decided to try an alternative method.

Its failure required an emergency cleanup at the taxpayers’ expense. With the unanimous support of the Big Park Council and the Village community, the Board of Supervisors shifted to EPA approved conventional methods of weed control that have proven to be very successful and cost effective.

If elected- Johnson, Mumaw, and Norton – promise to be committed to the continuing success of the RRREMD by keeping your road beautiful and your taxes low.