Sat, May 25

Municipal general election slates finalized
Tim Elinski, Holly Grigaitis go forward to general in Cottonwood mayor race

COTTONWOOD - According to City Clerk Marianne Jimenez, there will be a run off between Tim Elinski (920 votes, 44.47 percent) and Holly Grigaitis (606 votes, 29.29 percent) in the race for Cottonwood Mayor.

Jimenez said that Ruben Jauregui (1,078 votes, 23.42 percent), Deb Althouse (894 votes, 19.42 percent), and Tosca Henry (888 votes, 19.29 percent) were elected outright for the three available Cottonwood Council Members seats. There will be no run-off election for the city council.

The Yavapai County Elections Department finished counting ballots, and the most current results were posted Tuesday at 8:52 a.m.

The results are considered Unofficial Final, and will not become Official until after the Board of Supervisors canvasses the vote Wednesday.

-- Jennifer Kucich


Unopposed incumbent Town of Clarkdale Mayor Doug Von Gausig garnered 770 votes out of a total of 799 votes, with write-in candidates accounting for 29 votes.

"Unofficially, Doug Von Gausig has obtained a majority of votes cast and will be declared elected and no further election shall be held," said Clarkdale Town Clerk/Finance Director Kathy Bainbridge.

In the council race, two incumbents and one write-in candidate ran for two vacant seats. The results were Scott Buckley (668 votes), Richard Dehnert (659 votes) and write-in Tommy Nester (86 votes).

"Unofficially, Scott Buckley and Richard Dehnert have obtained a majority of votes cast and will be declared elected and no further election shall be held," said Bainbridge, who added "Permanent Base Adjustment received 859 "yes" votes and 522 "no" votes."

Bainbridge said, per Arizona Revised Statutes 9-821.01, a candidate is declared elected when obtaining a majority of votes cast.


According to Town Manager Candace B. Gallagher, the top five council candidates having at least 53 votes in the primary election were Frank Vander Horst (110 votes), Jay Kinsella (105 votes), Hunter Bachrach (103 votes), Alex Barber (88 votes) and Lew Currier (80 votes).

There will not be a general election in Jerome.

"It's tradition - - not by code - - that council chooses our mayor. Traditionally, the highest vote getter has been chosen as mayor," said Gallagher.

"Also, Proposition 439 (Home Rule) was approved by a vote of 143 (for) to 20 (against). Council will be canvassing the vote at our September 13 Council meeting," Gallagher said.

Yavapai-Apache Nation

In the community of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, the top two vote getters for the position of Tribal Chair were Jane Russell Winieki (86 votes) and Thomas Beauty (78 votes).

For the positon of Vice Chair, Larry Jackson Sr. (151 votes) and Darlene Rubio (87 votes) came-out on top. The general election take place Sept. 17.