Fri, May 24

New Board, new year, new initiatives for Sedona Village Business Association

The Sedona Village Business Association new board members for 2017/2018 are: President – Marc Fuller, Vice President – Rebecca Miller, Treasurer – Dave Norton with Tom Graham, Secretary – Sandy Barrett.

Sandy Barrett our Past President, made me aware that this monthly news item is now my responsibly. It is one that I am thankful for, as I want to share some of the new activities and directions that the SVBA will be seeking to adopt for this year.

But, first let’s revisit the purpose of Sedona Village Business Association(SVBA), which is meant to be “dedicated to the primary goal of promoting local business growth by providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to all types and sizes of businesses in the Village.”

In short, I want to work to make this a year of; more members’ opportunities, more community involvement, more networking, and more member directed improvements and services

Many members have asked more for networking. I agree, particularly with all the new people and businesses opening and changing hands here in the Village this is very important. To do that the SVBA is working to actively sponsor and help with the annual Alzheimer Walk this November 4th.

Secondarily SVBA will be providing more direct communication to members and interested people through our email list, our website and most importantly web-based polls by which members can share their preferences regarding SVBA activities help business grow in the Village.

As polls are put up and agendas are prepared members can expect to receive brief emails asking for opinions and participation.

The opportunities for helping small business here in the Village grow are almost endless. I look forward to your thoughts and involvement.