Thu, May 23

The secret for staying forever young; why do we resist aging?

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

I have never understood why we refuse to accept what is a very natural process and actively fight what we know is an unwinnable war.

The billion-dollar anti-aging industry produces pills, potions, scrubs, injections, procedures, herbs, supplements, and diets that offer the tacit promise of helping you stay eternally young. If you have deep enough pockets, you can check into a fab anti-aging clinic where specialists will use the latest high-tech treatments and surgeries so you can leave a week later looking ten years younger.

Aging means we are still alive, so what is so wrong with that?

I think we push away aging because we don’t want to experience the vulnerability of feeling we’re getting older. But you know what? I think it’s okay to be vulnerable. Aging might not be always pleasant. It might be uncomfortable and perhaps even scary. But accepting it with grace and dignity reflects the depth and wisdom that only comes from a lifetime of experiences.

Age is just a number. I am forty-seven. So what? Does it mean I’m somehow worse than a thirty-seven-year-old or better than a fifty-nine-year-old? With some good luck, I hope to be a fifty-nine-year-old too. What’s important is how we allow ourselves to age.

We all have the power to make aging a stress-free, positive experience by remaining committed to fitness, wellness, and spiritual well-being. Every day you need to focus maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health. No matter how crazy your day becomes, find time to exercise. Schedule it into your day and treat it like an important meeting you can’t miss. If something unforeseen comes up, have a contingency workout plan.

Do both aerobic exercise—walking, hiking, jogging, biking, rowing, etc.—as well as weight training. That doesn’t mean bodybuilding with hundreds of pounds of weight. It means building lean muscle by doing more reps with lighter weights, which gives you more energy and boosts your immune system. That combination is the key to a healthy body and longevity—your soul does not want to live in a weak body that falls apart and gets injured at the slightest effort.

Shop organic and plan your meals to avoid spontaneous unhealthy food choices. Avoid second-hand cigarette smoke and excessive booze. Invest time and positive energy in your psychological well-being and social life.

Go to a yoga or meditation class and meet with your friends. Find joy in life. And make sure you get enough sleep.

Don’t be in denial. Even as you read this we are all aging. And the simple, inescapable fact is that one day, we will perish. But how we spend the time we do have makes all the difference. Accept what makes you wiser, stronger, and more experienced. Aging is beautiful so have fun being healthy, happy, and alive!

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