Sun, May 26

Commentary: Learning about turkeys at Camp Verde schools

Dennis Goodwin

Dennis Goodwin

Believe it or not, auditions for the Theatre Arts Guild’s spring musical are right around the corner.

Camp Verde Middle School again nominated National Showcase School

Last Wednesday, Camp Verde Middle School Principal Danny Howe received a phone call from the Flippen Group, letting him know that CVMS has been nominated once again as a National Showcase School for Capturing Kids’ Hearts.

The last two years, CVMS has been named a National Showcase School.

Also on Wednesday, Prescott Mile High Middle School sent its assistant principal and five teachers to visit CVMS to observe what we were doing on our campus.

Here is what Andy, the assistant principal had to say about their visit:


Thank you so much for your time and for opening up your campus to us yesterday. Your passion is contagious and my team was so grateful to be able to see your school and bring ideas back to our campus.

I know how busy you are and I really appreciate you taking the time to speak to us and answer our questions.

Please let your staff know how impressed we were with their professionalism and the way they ran their classrooms.

It was all very inspirational for us. We now know how CKH can transform a school and will work even harder to make it happen at Mile High.

Thank you for these resources as well. If we can return the favor in any way, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks again for everything and enjoy the weekend.


If you’d like to know more or would like tips on making your audition successful, please attend the musical audition workshop on Monday, Dec. 18 from 3:45 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. in the Choir/Drama room at the back of the theatre. 

Auditions will be held the week of Jan. 16, so start prepping now. See Mrs. Worden or any TAG officer with questions.

Of note …

NHS is providing Tutoring on Mondays and Wednesdays in room 123 for any students that need a little extra help in a class.

For Thanksgiving, each student in the class contributed to our class trail mix recipe. Before eating, each student shared something they were thankful for.

South Verde: Math

We’re asked to find the arc length of the swing of a certain pendulum on a clock. The pendulum swings 15 degrees to either side for a total angle of 30 degrees. We convert 30 to pi/6 radians, then use the equation L=thetar.  With a radius of 4 in, we find the arc length to be about 2.1 inches. 

South Verde: Enrollment

Enrollment at South Verde continues to rise. This week alone, we have handed out seven enrollment packets.

Most are interested in starting prior to the end of the semester.


Camp Verde Middle School would like to congratulate its Students of the Month: 6th grade, Jose Adrian Navarro; 7th grade, Kailee McKinley; 8th grade, Corey Johnson; Athlete, McKenna Martin. Way to go boys and girls. We are proud of you!

The 8th grade student and one of their parents gets treated to breakfast and honored at the Kiwanis’ monthly meeting.

We would also like to recognize our Employee of the Month: Mrs. Robin Tankesley. Robin teaches 8th grade Language Arts and Gifted. She is a warm and caring teacher who puts everything into helping her students grow.

We are proud to call her ours. Congratulations Robin!


Volcanoes are erupting in our 7th grade science classes!

The seventh grade students and Mrs. Ligon experimented with Diet Coke and Mentos to produce huge, erupting volcanoes during Science class this week.

The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate an almost explosive phase change from dissolved CO2 to gaseous CO2.

We summarized that Mentos dropped into Diet Coke will cause the CO2 to rapidly form gaseous bubbles resulting in an explosion.

During the past six weeks, we’ve learned that inside our Earth is very restless, starting with plate tectonics, layers of the Earth, earthquakes, and now volcanoes. 

Winter Ball

The Winter Ball Christmas dance hosted by student council is Dec. 20 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Planning a holiday meal

Students in Mrs. Wattenbarger’s class teamed up to prepare a Thanksgiving meal together. They planned the traditional meal, then shopped in real-life ads for math class.

They had a lot of fun, and realize how much a Thanksgiving dinner really costs!  It is always a fun project!

Learning about turkeys

The day before Thanksgiving break, Mr. Bachelor came and taught his second grade students all about turkeys.

They learned the names of the turkeys: a female turkey is a hen, a male turkey is a Tom and a kid turkey is a Jake. They also learned about the spur, beard, tail fan, and wing.

Students practiced writing and drawing with turkey feathers! They had fun looking at the real parts and making the calls, too.

Animals We Love

Mrs. Gillman says her class is publishing a class book through Student Treasures. The book is a collection of student writing and drawing is called Animals We Love.

“Our hardcover copies should be here in a few weeks,” she says.


In the ESS Department, we collaborated with Cottonwood-Oak Creek and Sedona school districts to bring Raising Special Kids to do a free IEP (Individual Educational Plan) Training for our parents and staff.

We had 25 people in attendance. Parents left expressing they had a better understanding of the IEP process. Staff were able to collaborate with parents during the social/snack time after the presentation.

Parents learned about statewide programs and services available. They also learned that Arizona has a Parent Training and Information Center for Special Education.

Parents walked away from the training understanding how students become eligible for special education services; the purpose and overview of the IEP components, meetings, and document; strategies to ensure their child is making progress; and resources for special education issues.