Letter: Are you still comfortable having Donald Trump as president


Our so-called president is correct. The election was interfered with by hostile foreign nationals. It is therefore invalid. As is his presidency.

The so-called president’s administration is peddling their own brand of Newspeak. Lies are now alternative facts. Dissent is betrayal, and dissenters are betrayers. Perhaps freedom is slavery will be next.

The so-called president has named a self-described Leninist to be the most powerful member of his cabinet. A man who openly claimed he wants to destroy our government completely. I wouldn’t blame you supporters for choosing to believe this is fake news. I probably would too, were I in your position.

More difficult to dismiss are his words regarding the alt-right. (Alt-right is Newspeak for Nazis and the KKK) He is openly pleased and proud to have provided them with a platform from which to spread their vicious hatred and lies. They are cheering these days. If it was only a matter of freedom of speech, that would be one thing. But these people now feel emboldened to freely act out their ideology. Not hard to see why.

Bannon has recently warned the American news media to “shut up”. I expect an attempt to shut down the free press any day now. State-run media to replace it. Are you okay with having only an English-language version of Pravda? You won’t mind your letters to the editor having to pass the approval of a censor?

Even as I type these words, the so-called president’s GOP supporters, led by Orrin Hatch, are advancing his cabinet picks on their own. The Democrats were not invited to the voting.

This is what a coup looks like, people. And it’s only been 11 days. Are you quite certain you’re still OK with this?

Desiree Valenzuela



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nandez4 2 years ago

I’m not going to argue about this by no means. This is my view as a Republican and not the extreme kind. I can fairly say he’s not the best of the Republican candidates, but I thank God and country that he’s not a Democratic President. I understand the left being upset with the President, as I too was upset with ol what’s his name? But at least when ol what’s his name was elected, I understood that he was now my country’s President, and I respected that fact and put up with him for eight very long years. In my eyes, ol what’s his name’s policies we’re some of the worst I have seen in my forty one years of voting (by the way not all of them on the Republican ticket).
This is not a coup, this is agitation caused by most media, including Hollywood that has the Democratic left believing that a heretic has been put into power, and that the world is coming undone. The matter of fact is the country is being righted and corrected again. I don’t listen the media, I take in all the facts, good or bad and sort “fake news” from actual news. But the Democratic left just soak it all in, like what Whoopi Goldberg or Merle Streep has to say is gospel, really? Let me say that President Trump is in the White House because people like me across this great country elected him, not because some Russian had a gun to my head. I work for a top 25 Fortune 500 company here in Arizona. And before the election, I took a poll of my fellow associates, who come from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, what I found out is that 9 in every 10 people were voting for President Trump. Most were interested in this poll and wanted feedback, we knew he was going to be elected President despite what the media was forcing down our throats every single day.
Yeah, I’m though with the left and their agenda, which is not mine and the working middle class agenda. To answer your question Desiree, yes I’m very comfortable with this, so comfortable in fact that I don’t have to lift one sign in protest. In closing, good luck in pursuit of the “revolution”. What will really happen with the continued protesting, is the left will leave our President no other avenue but to evoke Marshall Law, thus creating the dictator that you think is in office now. Then the left will really know what it’s really like to lose their freedoms.
Any response from you are gladly accepted, but I will not feed into your agitation any further. Thank you for your view, take care and God bless. Sincerely, Patrick Hernandez


Deva1961 2 years ago

The First Amendment is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I won't change your mind. I know that as surely as I know that you won't change mine. But we are free to speak up and speak out, within the bounds of civility.

May it ever be so.

Regards, Desiree


pattycake 2 years ago

is anyone sure donnie is still the man in charge or has bannon assumed command


Karis_iverson 2 years ago

I did accept Obama as my president for what it was worth now that we have Trump which isn't a politician and that has done more in the few days he has been in office than Obama did in 8 years i would hope that you see we let obama run his course why won't you let Trump run his and see just what he can and will do give the man a chance I can't believe that people would rather Hillery would be in that seat than Trump


Deva1961 2 years ago

Obama didn't try to destroy our entire government and our freedoms the way president Bannon has vowed to do, and has already begun doing.

And, yes, I'd rather have Hillary than any Leninist.