Fri, May 24

Important VOCA decisions await homeowners vote

Earl Svenningsen

Earl Svenningsen

Although February is a quiet month, there is a lot of planning and preparation going into the upcoming Annual Meeting, elections and voting on changes to our Master Declarations and By-Laws.

In March, all VOCA members will receive two ballots requesting their vote on electing two new board members to the seven-person VOCA Board. Each will be elected to a three-year term.

The ballots will be tabulated and announced at the 2017 annual meeting on Saturday, April 15 at 2:00 pm. The second separate ballot requests votes on amendments to the VOCA Master Declarations and By-Laws. There are two Master Declaration amendments and five By-Laws changes that the Board has drafted and supports. The By-Laws changes are items that make VOCA By-Laws conform to Arizona regulations and cleaning up wording to be more consistent and possibly not misconstrued. The Master Declaration amendments deal with length of time for new construction to be completed and a Capital Reserve proposal.

Our two outgoing Board Members will be greatly missed. Rob Schaefer, a lawyer by profession, has been invaluable with his expertise in navigating the many legal questions that arise during the year. After closely scrutinizing our By-Laws and Master Declaration, the updates and recommendations are mainly from his hard work; tough job and expertly done.

Joe Jansen has served on the Board for two terms. He is presently serving as Secretary, but he has been a powerful force working for the betterment of VOCA and the golf operation.

A more dedicated, hardworking individual would be hard to find. Thank you both for your contributions.