Tue, May 21

Juvenile crime spree nets enough cash for two cheeseburgers and candy
Numerous slashed tires, several counts of burglary, possibly thousands of dollars in damage

COTTONWOOD – An early Sunday morning juvenile crime spree resulted in burglaries at the Verde Lea Market and numerous vehicles, 28 cars with slashed tires, theft of a dirt bike, and $11 of stolen cash that was used to buy two cheeseburgers.

The crime spree occurred throughout Cottonwood and Clarkdale.

According to a news release from Detective Sgt. Tod Moore of the Cottonwood Police Department, five of the six suspects of Cottonwood have been arrested.

Five of the suspects were males between the ages of 14 and 15, and the driver was a 15-year-old female, said police.

Several of the encounters where caught either on video surveillance or witnessed by victims, according to the release.

Due to this, said Sgt. Moore, Cottonwood officers were able to locate a suspect vehicle and identified six juveniles who were involved.

During interviews with the suspects, Cottonwood and Clarkdale officers were able to identify and arrest five of the six juveniles, stated the release.

Twenty of the 28 tire slashings happened in Clarkdale alone, said Sgt. Nicole Florisi of the Clarkdale Police Department. Some victims had multiple vehicles damaged, she said, and the suspects took numerous items in the car burglaries such as purses, cell phones, keys, and stereos.

Clarkdale officers are still attempting to determine the value of the damaged items, said Sgt. Florisi.

Based on the investigation so far, the damage may be thousands of dollars, and some of the damage may not have yet been discovered by victims, she added.

It was further discovered during the interviews that a small dirt bike type motorcycle was also taken during the night and was subsequently recovered and returned to the owners, said police.

Other than the dirt bike, said Sgt. Moore, officers discovered the juveniles had managed to steal only $11 in cash, which was used to buy two cheeseburgers at a fast-food eatery, which the juveniles stated they shared, and some Starburst candy.

The five arrested juveniles were transported to the Prescott Juvenile Detention Facility and the sixth suspect is still outstanding, said police. All are being charged with numerous felony charges.

“At this time we are still gathering all the details as to the amount of damaged caused by the slashed tires and identify all the victims. There is in all likelihood numerous other victims who have not yet come forth,” said Sgt. Moore.

Because the suspects are juveniles, their names cannot be released.

If you believe you were a victim of this crime spree, please contact your local police department.