Mon, June 24

Jerome to hold presentation discussion on 2017 General Plan

JEROME – The Jerome General Plan for 2017 addresses issues regarding available land use and the commercial encroachment driven by tourism. The last general plan for Jerome was completed in 1981.

“It was quite a few years out of compliance – 1981. It is supposed to be done every ten years. The ’81 document was fantastic and well-done for its time, but obviously Jerome has changed,” said Kyle Dabney, the Town of Jerome Zoning Administrator and Historic Preservation Officer.

The Jerome General Plan for 2017 is currently available for public viewing on the Town of Jerome website ( The General Plan Steering Committee has spent the last four years working on the plan. The demand for short-term rentals was expressed in the plan as being detrimental to the residential Jerome community. Short-term rentals are a major contributor toward the town’s lack of parking, which has been an ongoing issue for Jerome. There are currently thirteen rental properties listed on Airbnb in Jerome, in addition to the local hotels and bed and breakfasts.

A presentation discussion is loosely scheduled for August. This will act as a forum for residents of Jerome to voice their concerns in regards to parking, commercial encroachment, and other related issues.