Wed, May 22

An Artist's Portrait: Scotti Ruhlman

High Noon in Antelope Canyon by Scotti Ruhlman

High Noon in Antelope Canyon by Scotti Ruhlman

From early childhood in Pennsylvania, taking photographs with her mother's Kodak Brownie camera and sketching her pets and classmates, Scotti Ruhlman aspired to be an artist and photographer.

However, her career path took other directions. Her various careers include that of a Congressional assistant in Washington, DC, Interior Designer with her own design studio, paralegal and law office administrator and real estate agent in Texas. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, residing two years in Cairo, Egypt.

When Scotti and her late husband Terry moved to Sedona in 2001, her creative juices began flowing once more. After designing their hilltop home and gardens, the beautiful vistas of Sedona called to her and she began to study digital photography. This led to a desire to draw and paint which she could not always capture on camera. “I have taken so many wonderful workshops, learning, practicing and producing in each one.” Her first medium was colored pencil, followed by watercolor, acrylics, pastels, mixed media and oils. “I love to keep learning and I am very curious. With my competitive nature, I am also driven to accomplish so I keep at it. Blue ribbons are nice to receive,” she smilingly admits as we walk through her home studio, “I've always been a creative person. Right now I am moving from my realistic work in watercolor and acrylic into more abstract rendering.” In 2015, Scotti was featured in Louise MacDonald's book, SEDONA'S BEST ARTISTS.

Friends of Scotti's know her to be an organized, efficient leader and she has held many offices in the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society. She also is a member of El Valle, the Visual Arts Coalition and the Sedona Art Center. While she may or may not paint on a daily basis, she is never without a book. “I don't look at television, so you will find me in the garden or reading for pleasure or walking my best friend, Zack.” Scotti Ruhlman is always looking for what's around the next corner and very little slows her down.