Letter: Argument that ‘they’ take our jobs is age-old xenophobia rearing its head


So many issues, so little time.

I guess I will start with immigration. 
 If you stop or slow down immigration, population drops. Unless we have population growth, there is little chance of economic growth. The population of the US is growing older. Those of you who are working now are paying social security for those of us who are retired. Yes, that is how it works. The baby boomers are one of the biggest groups in the economy. I ask the question, for those of you working, who will pay your entitlements?

I look at some of the immigrant children and say “you will pay someone’s Social Security”. Deporting 800,000 DAKA’s will leave a huge bite in the economy especially since they are making positive contributions. Not only is being “anti-immigrant” detrimental to the economy, it is against what the US has stood for. Those in Europe don’t understand that we would discriminate against certain groups since we were founded by a mix of ethnic and national groups. We are American......

The argument that “they” take our jobs is an age old xenophobia rearing its head. It is a scapegoat. No one threatened my job. Does anyone threaten yours?

Eugenia Hart



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nplenzick 1 year, 5 months ago

Its always easier to have a scapegoat then to actually face reality and find a real solution.


Pfalbo 1 year, 5 months ago

Well, Eugenia, I am sure you'd be totally shocked to know that where there used to be a large majority of Hispanic laborers working for landscape, food service, or hotel service staff throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale, now, ecstatic, long unemployed white workers are able to pursue their interrupted careers in those highly coveted, low paying, no benefits jobs.

Bad ole, selfish, immigrants!

I have been pleasantly surprised at the changes since I can now speak English to those wonderful folks heretofore undesirable for conversation. (Not that I talk to menials of any heritage. But, if I wanted to...).

I understand that the majority of farm workers in Yuma are now Anglo, too!

I discovered this recently as I was driving down Hwy 85 and passed some of the farm fields being harvested.

I swear I heard the jaunty field hands happily singing a paraphrased version "16 Tons" as they picked Yuma's lettuce and cabbage crops.

Thank god for trump.

Brings tears to this real American's my eyes.


GH 1 year, 5 months ago

pfalbo, why did you assume I meant Hispanics? Coming from ND, I know that immigrants to that region were from Norway and Sweden. They did not speak English and had news papers that were in their own language. I taught school in Fargo and had students from Sudan, Bosnia, Somalia Kurds, etc. They added to the fabric of Fargo and also population. They are assimilating and adding to the population of the upper Central US.
I visited Washington State this summer, walked into a C store and found 50 people there speaking Russian. People from the Ukraine had settled there. Many of them. They are blonde and blue eyed. Are they more acceptable? Think in a broader way....I go to Europe and can't speak the language and they take pity on me and help. My relatives in 1772, spoke Welch. Try that.


Pfalbo 1 year, 5 months ago


Lost jobs to immigrants = illegals from south of the border.

trump did not attack the rapists, drug dealers or bad hombres pouring across the northern border, nor does he propose a wall to the north.

On the Canadian border, I understand, there are still crossing points unmanned by Customs agents.

Should have used the sarcasm font, sorry.


The_Uppity_Peasant 1 year, 5 months ago

I too had a chance to travel recently, to Oregon looking for jobs. I didn't realize that Oregon doesn't hire outsiders, can you imagine if every state in the union did this? I don't like it, it runs contrary to the US, but at least they stand up for their own. Unlike in this whore state of Arizona, where the economy spreads its legs for everyone, unless you are a Native Arizonan.

The only ones I see taking jobs around here are immigrants from the Midwest, some of you I like, some of you I worked for and you refused to pay me what you owed me. Part of why I am so hesitant to do work for anyone anymore. I'd hate to end up in prison because I had to extract payment from my boss.

Immigration is great, but don't move somewhere and then expect those people to conform to YOUR immigrant culture, even though they have been there like forever. If you come here you conform to our ways, not the other way around. And yes, I'm talking to my fellow Americans about Arizona culture.


Pfalbo 1 year, 5 months ago

Any discussion on early immigrants to the Arizona Territory not conforming to the expectations of Native American's and their ways?

Thought not.

That's different, I know, because it's all we can say.


GH 1 year, 5 months ago

GH: The most visitors who are living in the US with expired visas are from Canada.