Sun, June 16

Mingus Union might share business manager, superintendent, with Sedona Oak Creek
Open Meeting Law, consolidation also discussed at board’s retreat

Penny Hargrove

Penny Hargrove

COTTONWOOD – One could say that the Mingus Union High School District’s governing board saved the best for last at Tuesday’s retreat, when board president Anita Glazar pointed out that the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District governing board not only would like to consider a shared services agreement with Mingus Union’s business manager – but also its superintendent.

According to Glazar, representatives from Sedona Oak Creek have contacted her about the possibility of sharing Lynn Leonard, Mingus Union’s new business manager, “through the end of the school year – and possibly beyond that.”

Coincidentally, Leonard is leaving Sedona Oak Creek to continue her career at Mingus Union.

Sedona Oak Creek “had complimentary things to say about Lynn,” Glazar said. And complimentary things to say about Dr. Penny Hargrove, Mingus Union’s superintendent.

Tuesday’s discussion by the board to explore such agreements with Mingus Union was “an idea tossed out for discussion by the board president,” said Sedona Oak Creek board member Karen McClelland.

According to Sedona Oak Creek board president Randy Hawley, the Sedona Oak Creek board “discussed the possibility of a shared services agreement with Mingus for Lynn Leonard for this year and possibly Penny Hargrove for next year.

After 19 years at Sedona Oak Creek, Dave Lykins recently announced his retirement as district superintendent, effective June 30.

But Hawley said the Sedona Oak Creek board will “want to take more time discussing the process for the superintendent, since we have a full year before Dave leaves.”

But Sedona Oak Creek’s board is expected to be “moving forward with Lynn’s agreement and it will be on the Oct. 3 agenda for consideration and action,” Hawley also said.

As of press time, Dr. Hargrove has not discussed with Sedona Oak Creek the possibility of working with both districts.

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