Tue, June 18

Townsend leads the way for first Camp Verde girls wrestling team

Camp Verde High started the inaugural season of AIA girls wrestling with two girls, one who is a contender.

CV head coach Larry Allred said freshman Caylee Townsend, at 106 pounds, has a chance to place at the state meet and possibly win it.

“They’re doing great,” Allred said.

The Cowboys first competed at the Quest For the Crown at Gilbert Higley. This weekend they’re going to the their second tournament, the Girls Veterans Memorial Wrestling Invitational.

“It’s an adjustment for us because the rules are a little bit different this year, it’s more focused on take downs,” Allred said. “So we’ve had to kinda change our training regiment for them a little bit and kinda focus more on neutral. So they kind of do the neutral and then when I go into the top and bottom technique I just have them stay with neutral.”

Allred said the addition of girls wrestling this year is exciting because girls who don’t want to wrestle boys, like his daughter Madison, a three-time state champion, will now get the chance to compete in high school

“So I think it’s exciting to see that these girls get an opportunity to stay in wrestling,” Allred said. “Because when they’re little that strength advantage isn’t as drastic but when they’re in high school, wrestling boys, they kinda lose an advantage with the strength and it’s hard to overcome that. So it’s kinda cool, they wrestle with the boys or whatever when they’re little and when they go into high school they get to wrestle girls.”

Plus girls’/women’s wrestling’s status makes it appealing.

“The really cool thing about it is girls wrestling’s the fast growing sport there is right now, so you have all these college programs opening up,” Allred said. “Where a boy could be a two-time state champion and have to have perfect grades and maybe get a scholarship, maybe a half ride, if you’re a girl and you place at State, you’re probably going to get a full ride and get your college paid for, so it’s really cool that way.”