Tue, June 18

Letter: GOP must call for a vote to formally censure Rep. Stringer


Speaker-elect Bowers:

Despite any policy differences we may have, we hope we can agree that racism should find no safe harbor in the Arizona House of Representatives.

In November, Arizona voters chose to send one of the most diverse groups of

legislators that we’ve ever seen.

What our caucus celebrates as a symbol of our

country’s unique strength and progress, Rep. David Stringer clearly sees as an

existential threat to the American way of life.

We obviously share your disgust upon hearing the latest racist commentary from Rep. Stringer, and we agree with your statement that “his remarks don’t reflect the

sentiments of the Arizona Legislature, the constituents we represent, and the policies we enact.”

However, the Democratic Caucus remains outraged at his remarks and his article written October 16, 2017 in The Prescott eNews arguing that the United States is better off as a predominately white nation.

Respectfully, however, your decision to only remove Rep. Stringer from his

chairmanship of the Sentencing and Recidivism Reform, Education and Judiciary falls short for a lawmaker who has so thoroughly disqualified himself from public service.

The same well-reasoned rationale that rendered Stringer “incapable of performing his

duties” in those committees holds true for all committees where he is still currently

scheduled to serve, including the Government Committee.

We are also calling on you to take the lead and call for a vote to formally censure Rep. Stringer if he has not resigned before the legislative session begins on Jan. 14.

Thank you for your continued attention to this very serious matter.

Charlene Fernandez Democratic Leader-Elect

Randall Friese, MD Assistant Democratic Leader

Reginald Bolding
Democratic Co-Whip-Elect

Athena Salman Democratic Co-Whip-Elect