Tue, June 18

Be Fit Fit: A new trail in town

Photo courtesy of Magdalena Romanska

Photo courtesy of Magdalena Romanska

OK, fellow Villagers, here we got some great news! And I am sharing this as a proof that I am not a bit selfish (because, you know, I could have been keeping all this to myself and you would have never learned the good news, delivered below!).

So, following years of seeing people parking in a couple of dirt space parking spots off the VVS Road and quietly disappearing into the unmarked territory, that unmarked territory got its name and is now, officially, open to the roaming of the public.

Welcome to the Transept Trail!

It is good for hikers, runners, and bikers, horses are asked not to go, nor are motorized vehicles, of course.

It is 3.25 M long one way, and goes all the way up to the (almost) top of the Hiline Trail! It climbs steadily, then hugs the side of the red rocks, then climbs some more.

While covering the Transept up and down, I just met one couple of folks, and that was it. I had the trail completely to myself! (I guess after this blog, it won’t be so much longer).

Be prepared for splendid sunrise and early morning views of the Cathedral Rock, when the sun truly shines on those magnificent rocks! It is partly shady, but mostly exposed, and, of course, what goes up has to get down, so on the way back, you will be mostly descending the same 3.25 M. Which gives you an awesome 6.50 Miler!

I am super thrilled about this trail, because so far, whenever I wanted to get to the Templeton/Slim Shady/Hiline/Creek ~8M combo, I was starting either from the Yavapai or the Back O’Beyond TH parking. Or, I was reaching the loop from VOC by Slim Shady or even the Baldwin Trail.

This one is nice, fresh, and solid, and yesterday, I went by Transept to continue by Hiline, Templeton and Slim Shady and back to the Hiline and down by Transept to VOC. That gave me a cool 13.80 M, covered with about 30K steps (you know, I am little, so it is a short stride…).

You can either shorten that venture, by simply only exploring the new trail as an in and out, or extend it by adding, say, the Baldwin loop or any combination of the trails to the east side from the 179.

I was the most thrilled about the new perspective on the Cathedral Rock and about how close we can get to hug that massive red wall while hiking there.

So, consider this top-secret info my Holiday gift to you and… check it out between your commitments to family obligations of the Season!

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