Tue, June 18

Rebuilding John Deer Tractors ‘just for fun’

VVN/Vyto Starinskas

VVN/Vyto Starinskas

CORNVILLE -- Rob Berry rebuilds John Deere tractors for a hobby.

And he takes that hobby seriously as motorist on Cornville Road have noticed.

His tractors are lined up just off Cornville Road on the north side of the road just past the Family Dollar store; and many motorists even stop to take photos.

Berry said he collects John Deere tractors. Eventually he will have about 50 John Deere Tractors at this Cornville shop and has more in Colorado and some in Nebraska.

This line of John Deere tractors he collects were all built prior to 1959, Berry said, and his date back to 1923.

People stop and take pictures every day and there has even been a pile-up, Berry said. He began bringing them to the Cornville property last year.

“It’s kind of a hobby,” Berry explained at the shop on Friday. “You find rare ones… Some of these, they barely made ten of.”

Berry said he lives in Sedona and Las Vegas, but the Cornville building, where the tractors are parked in front of, is a shop to work on his tractors and some other vehicles.

“A lot of people collect tractors but they don’t get to see them. You know kids like to look at them and every one of them is different.”

“There’s some rare ones up there,” he said pointing to the row of tractors. “It’s just for fun,” he continued. “Just for play.”