Tue, June 18

Jerome police hope to begin parking permit system by May

Jerome Police Chief Allen Muma

Jerome Police Chief Allen Muma

JEROME – Police Chief Allen Muma said it is the department’s goal to operate a parking permit system by May 1, according to a report submitted to the Jerome Town Council.

The Jerome Council passed Ordinance No. 432, a residential parking permit ordinance, at the Dec. 12 regular meeting.

The ordinance will initiate a parking permit system based on the number of “recognized dwelling units” along a street. Each unit “shall be entitled for one free residential permit” for public street parking. The language does not grant residents an assigned spot, but one spot somewhere on the street. The exception is for residents with a handicap, who will be given preference to a designated handicap spot.

In some areas, there may be extra or not enough space – at which point a lottery system will determine which units get a permit or additional permits.

Vehicles found to be in violation of the system will be given a $25 citation. The funds from citation will be put toward improving further parking conditions within town. So far the project has cost $400 in materials.

The ordinance comes as an effort to relieve parking burdens for Jerome residents. Tourists who park in residential areas and Jerome residents with multiple cars parked on the street have been identified as problematic for residents who wish to park close to their homes.

The council and Muma have repeatedly expressed that those who choose to live in Jerome must understand parking is limited. At the December meeting, Muma suggested residents encourage visiting guests to park elsewhere and walk.

“There’s no parking on the street. You decide to have a Christmas party, you take up all the parking on Verde Street, I can’t park there. My neighbors can’t park there. Is that right? It’s not. That’s not being a neighbor,” Muma said.