Mon, May 20

Letter: Before you vote on consolidation, get the best, most accurate information possible


I would like to weigh in on some of the conversations that have surrounded consolidation discussions.

Regardless of the careless actions of the Mingus Union School Board and superintendent, please do not punish the children. The state legislature continues not to fund education at an appropriate level. The need for districts in the state of Arizona to pass overrides and bonds will not go away.

If you want to make a statement at the polls, do not vote for those elected officials that continue to squander taxpayer dollars and behave badly. Keep in mind the loudest voice you will ever have in democracy is to VOTE! Ask questions, be educated and understand the issues.

It is disappointing to watch as the Mingus Union High School Governing Board and Superintendent continue to pay no heed to the voice of their constituents. This not about being for or against consolidation, this about allowing the democratic process to remain unfettered by the actions of immoral elected officials.

I would encourage all persons within the voting boundaries of the Mingus Union and Cottonwood-Oak Creek Districts to get the best, most accurate information possible. Watch for the pamphlet of information that will be generated from the Yavapai County Superintendent’s Office. Ask questions, be informed. VOTE!

Matt Todd

Page Springs