Tue, June 18

Cottonwood City Council Election Q&A: Bill Tinnin

Bill Tinnin

Bill Tinnin

Cottonwood has had three city managers in the past 30 years and all were promoted from within. Has Cottonwood’s program of succession training served the city well? Should the city continue that course with the selection of its new city manager? Or is it time for a new, outside set of eyes be brought in to manage the city? Why?

In regard of there being three city managers and which resource they came from, I do believe that there are pros and cons in hiring from within or without.

Here’s why; hiring out of area may get you better academically educated managers but do they have the common sense and local knowledge that is needed to perform the duties of the position?

These are all very important in understanding the needs and desires of the citizens of Cottonwood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Hiring without may take a very long learning curve and may have many mistakes in learning.

I feel that understanding the individual applicant is very important and one must also verify the applicant's claims, because the city can’t afford the potential problems and mistakes that may occur.

With housing development back up and running in Cottonwood, what is your philosophy on development standards and the city’s role in regulating growth?

Yes, I believe it is starting to grow again but it’s nowhere near the growth it was in 2008 and prior. We all as human beings have to face change, and growth is change.

I feel that we as a city must be careful about growth, we all live here because it’s a small town, we like being close to nature.

The problems I see with growth is ecological, land loss, but mostly water, water is a major problem -- growth is good for the economy but water is of major concern for the citizens of the entire Verde Valley. We must not over build.

How would you rate Cottonwood’s success with economic development? What kind of commercial development is appropriate for Cottonwood and where should it be located, and why? What is the role of the city council in the economic development of the city?

Relying on what I have experienced from having been on the Cottonwood Airport Commission since it’s inception (10 or 12 years), I feel that the City of Cottonwood has fallen short in it’s abilities to bring in larger businesses. We do have a couple of warehouses being built near the air port but even they are small.

To better improve a person’s job opportunities I would like to see businesses come to the area that are environmentally clean.

I believe that these clean industries should be located in the vicinity of the airport and lands west of the airport, quite possibly for shipping purposes. My understanding of the city councils roll in economic development is that they should do research on, and possibly shop for the best possible business opportunities to come to the Verde Valley, look at the facts, then make logical (not personal or emotional) judgment.