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New music this week

Originally Published: June 25, 2018 10:49 a.m.

Florence and the Machine – High As Hope

Republic Records

Florence and the Machine are an English indie rock band that formed in London in 2007, consisting of vocalist Florence Welch, keyboardist Isabella Summers, and a collaboration of other musicians.

This album contains explicit lyrics.

Tracks include: June , Hunger, South London Forever, Big God, Sky Full Of Song, Grace, Patricia, 100 Years, The End Of Love, No Choir.

Jim James – Uniform Distortion

ATO Records

My head feels like it is exploding with the amount of information we are forced to consume on a daily basis, and how that information is so DISTORTED there is almost no longer any tangible truth,” says Jim James. “The name of my new record is UNIFORM DISTORTION because I feel like there is this blanket distortion on society/media and the way we gather our ‘news and important information. More and more of us are feeling lost and looking for new ways out of this distortion and back to the truth…and finding hope in places like the desert where I write this now...finding hope in the land and in the water and in old books offering new ideas and most importantly in each other and love.”

Tracks include: Just A Fool , You Get To Rome, Out Of Time, Throwback, No Secrets, Yes To Everything, No Use Waiting, All In Your Head, Better Late Than Never, Over And Over, Too Good To Be True.

Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears

Pias America Records

Let’s Eat Grandma, one of the most vital bands of our time, follow on the cult success of their debut album I, Gemini with the game-changing I’m All Ears. The British duo, comprised of teenage vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, have pole-vaulted expectations and preconceptions delivering something fresh, fun and meaningful.

I’m All Ears is alive with furious pop, unapologetic grandeur and intimate ballads. Featuring loops, Logic, outrageous 80s drum solos, as well as production from David Wrench, SOPHIE and Faris Badwan. I’m All Ears is the most startling, infectious, innovative and thrilling record you’ll hear this year.

Tracks include: Whitewater, Hot Pink [Explicit], It’s Not Just Me, Falling Into Me, Snakes & Ladders [Explicit], Missed Call (1), I Will Be Waiting, The Cat’s Pyjamas, Cool & Collected, Ava, Donnie Darko [Explicit].

Gorillaz – The Now Now

Warner Bros./Parlophone Records

This album contains explicit lyrics.

Tracks include: Humility (feat. George Benson), Tranz, Hollywood (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle), Kansas, Sorcererz, Idaho, Lake Zurich, Magic City, Fire Flies, One Percent, Souk Eye.