Sun, May 26

Village's white dove flock needs community help

For more than 20 years, a flock of white doves has flown over the Village, providing delight to all who witnessed them.

The birds’ owners, Bob and Sharon Sizemore, particularly enjoyed special Easter and Christmas releases, as well as Fourth of July and other Village events.

Recently, however, tragedy struck the flock when a bobcat entered the doves’ loft, killing many of them. Since then, community neighbors have wondered, "where are our white birds?"

Bob did, ultimately, trap the bobcat, and Ranger Lee delivered it to a new home in the wilderness.

The doves’ loft has been rebuilt in a seriously protected manner.

After experiencing the sadness of this loss, the Sizemores now feel fortunate enough to have located a source to replenish the flock.

They, however, need financial support to acquire the birds, which are available for $20 each, with a minimum purchase of 30.

A Village Dove Fund is being established for Villagers and any others who have enjoyed, or even loved, the birds, and would like to see them flying again over the town.

The birds would belong to the Village/Big Park Community, and would be available for school and private celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries or memorials for a small donation for birdseed.

Any contribution to the fund is appreciated and may be sent to:

Bob Sizelove, 1110 Verde Valley School Road, Sedona, AZ 86351.

Call 928-254-1095 with any questions.

The couple wishes to thank the community for its help and compassion.