Sun, May 26

A Path to the Solar Eclipse 2017, with Daria Marchetti

Sometimes a personal journey is worth sharing – it inspires and encourages the audience. Daria Marchetti has just such a story and is sharing it through images, narration and chanting at the Hub on Friday May 11th at 7 p.m.

Originally from Italy, with a scientific and music background, Daria is based in Sardinia, Italy, from where she travels, working with the Earth in sacred sites and offering workshops to enjoy the ascension. After the Scientific College and Biology and Botanics university classes, at the age of 20, Daria began to travel to find the practical application.  She then studied alternative pedagogic internationally with Pedagooogia 3000 and Asiri and also organized holistic summer camps in Sardinia for children.

She further explored the etheric fields connected with the Earth and human beings, through Radioestesia, Geobiology, Reiki, Theta Healing, Aura Reading and Akashic Record workshops, These gave her openings that she shares through workshops, working with the light fields of the Ascending Gaia and its friends around the world. Sedona was one of the destinations suggested by them.

 On May 11th “Aink, A path to the solar eclipse 2017” is offered for everybody to travel to temples, valleys of volcanoes, mountains and waters of the Andean regions and other South America’s countries, Mexico and north California in a journey through photographs, local music and live chanting.

This journey is dedicated to Gaia and its beings, you too, to be lived with all the senses and soul, transported in the adventures, messages, codes and meetings weaved in it. Join Daria at the Hub at 7 p.m. for a unique journey that has the power to transform you. (Suggested donation $10-20)