Letter: Science should not be relegated to be nothing but theories


I just read where a person responsible for the education of our children has decided that evolution and the science of our origin should not be taught in our schools.

It saddens me that the education of our children should be guided by such ignorance.

To let one’s individual beliefs in religion guide the enlightenment of our children is criminal.

Since the beginning of time, the human race has invented beliefs in fables to explain phenomena that they cannot otherwise explain.

Apparently the human mind just cannot accept something that it does not understand. Thus a wide variety of conflicting beliefs were established to allow the people in power to hold sway over their minions.

But in this enlightened age, to allow someone who has the power to determine what and how our children are to be educated is, I believe, insane.

Science should not be relegated to be nothing but theories. Somehow in the present environment, truth is no longer to be respected.

Gordon Twa



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Balaams_Ass 8 months, 4 weeks ago

I'm curious how you would know what "should" be taught to children. The word "should" denotes some "oughtness", or moral notion with regards to teaching children. And why should your notion of the "ought" of teaching children trump someone else's notion? Since you bring up "invented beliefs in fables to explain phenomena that they cannot otherwise explain", perhaps you could explain the usefulness of a partially developed eye? Or a reproductive organ? Perhaps you could point us to some current examples of organ development in progress. Not looking for any details, just a general working theory. Further, how do you define "insane". Is this caused by a certain chemical level in the brain? If so, what chemical and at what levels do the presence of them determine "insaneness". As an aside, if the theory of evolution were true, there is no "reason" to believe it.


FramkC 8 months, 3 weeks ago

The theory of evolution is not proven it's a theory. Even the owner of it rejected it on his deathbed. The science of our origin, how do you teach that. People have been fighting about this kind of stuff for years. What really needs to be taught in schools is the three R's if a child has these he can search out the truth. Yes, we should point children in the way that they should go. That is what a parent is for if they do there job. I do not think any school should be teaching children how to think or what they think is true. If a parent does their job we might have less violence in school. On the other hand some schools teach violence and or civil disobedience they call it a just cause. My son went down a wrong road by the teaching we were just a higher form of life and there was nothing after death. We got him corrected. My question to you is what do you want the children taught.


Pfalbo 8 months, 2 weeks ago

The report of Darwin recanting his theory is merely an opinion expressed by one person, a Christion lady attending at Darin's death bed.

Fact checking at truthorfiction.com, this: "The report about Darwin’s change of heart comes from one person, Lady Hope, an energetic Nineteenth Century Christian, while many members of Darwin’s family denied it and there is nothing from Darwin’s friends, colleagues, his own statements or writings to substantiate it."

It should be mentioned, FramkC, many "theories" exist that are almost completely accepted as fact: Atomic Theory, Germ Theory, Gravitational Theory and Electromagnetic Theory, are just a few examples.

The same people who wrote the Creation Fable in the Bible were so totally ignorant of myriad Scientific phenomena that they could not even begin to imagine, much less try to describe them.

That fact should be evidence of their equal inability to understand or describe Biological Sciences.


lea 7 months, 2 weeks ago

'Proof' is a concept restricted to mathematics and not generally applied in other sciences. Scientific theories are composed of facts from repeatable observations. Do not confuse a 'scientific theory' with how 'theory' is used in ordinary speech. Scientific theories are subject to intense rigor and independent review.

Would you claim the theory of gravity is not proven, and therefore unworthy? If so, I invite you to test it from a tall building.