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Sedona Arts Center Offers Two Summer Kids Camps

“The Art of Filmmaking” and “Hands in Clay”

Originally Published: May 25, 2018 1:16 p.m.

If you have a creative child looking for summer opportunities, Sedona Arts Center has two unique programs for you. Sedona Arts Center’s 2018 summer camps for creative kids features two weeks of instruction in filmmaking with Bryan Reinhart June 18–29 and July 9–20 and a week of Hands in Clay with Rayna Griffin June 18, 19, 20 and 22. Registration is open and scholarships are available. 

Kids Camp sessions provide a rich environment for children (ages 10 to 14 for filmmaking and 8 to 12 for clay work) to find creative inspiration. 


Summer Art of Filmmaking Camps at the Sedona Arts Center provide a rich artistic environment for youth ages 10–14. Students begin by deconstructing scenes from contemporary favorites, examining all the aspects that make a scene work. Students then develop their own unique storyline to bring to the big screen. 

Filmmaking is a very collaborative process that involves all the arts. Students will explore writing, story development, acting, camera work, lighting, editing, graphics and presentation. The process creates a great opportunity for students to discover new interests and skill sets. The camp culminates in a screening of the final film but students have the opportunity to create their own individual edit during camp from the footage they have developed together. 

Hands in clay

Our hands are our most important tools. Hand-building is both fun and presents endless possibilities. 30,000 years ago, before the potter’s wheel, people were making small travel-sized figurines of human and animal forms. Pinch pots were developed for cooking and coil forms that led to larger vessels. Together you will discover and explore ‘ancient’ hand-building methods that are still fun today. Class is limited to 8 students. No experience necessary. Ages 8–12.