Sun, June 16

Letter: Your gift the perfect present for Giving Angels


Every holiday season thousands of seniors are poverty stricken financially and emotionally as they sit at home alone … feeling forgotten.

The Giving Angels shine the holiday spirit upon our seniors by giving gift bags with items of necessity such as paper towels, tissues, scrubbies, laundry detergent and lotion. Gift bags also include a “big” gift like a bath towel set or lap blanket.

This year, your generosity is desperately needed. Sadly, last week two of our big sponsors are not able to participate and we’re in trouble.

We provide 600 gifts bags to poverty-stricken seniors during the holidays. These are parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. For many, it may be their last holiday season.

We know these annual gift bags make a positive impact on senior’s lives because we receive many thank you calls and cards. We wish we could include a recording from one or two them for you to hear. They’re so sweet. Many of the calls include these words: “I can no longer write or hold a pen but I can still call and I want to say thank you, thank you for the gifts. It’s nice to know we’re not completely forgotten. There are still folks who care about us old timers.”

We usually provide 10 gifts per senior. However, with our current finances, we will only be able to give three small gifts. Will you please help us overcome this setback so we can share the holiday spirit with our seniors this season? We need cash donations so we can purchase 600 bath towel sets.

Donations can be made directly at our website:

You can also see photos here of previous recipients and how they smile and light up just knowing they’re not forgotten.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Lisa Long, president

The Giving Angels