Tue, June 18

Commentary: Kyla Allen hardly qualifies as an innocent victim

Michael Mathews

Michael Mathews

Let’s be fair. I was not able to address everything in my response to your editorial (see; “Editorial: Local voters stood firm against politics of hate and deceit”). While Kyla Allen was mercilessly attacked on social media, not all of it was untrue. And hey, it’s social media. I’m not convinced our electorate spends much time there. You made Kyla out to be an innocent victim. Here are statements she put out on her website that is obviously referring to me.

“I am not a stranger coming in to the community with grandiose ideas of what is good for the city, nor am I beholden to individuals from another community to run my campaign with agendas of their own. And I certainly don’t have anything personal or financial to gain from participating as a council member.

“I’m not a businessman looking to manipulate the system or see how I can get in on a big-score by having the inside scoop on upcoming developments.

“Most of all, I am not an outsider.

“I have served and volunteered in Cottonwood, not just the last 6 or 12 months leading up to the election, but my entire life. My devotion to others is not a show. It is not a convenient tool to earn points before an election. It is real. It is genuine.

“It appears some candidates and their out-of-city handlers have taken the opportunity to capitalize and even CREATE controversies in the City in order to build their platform.

“I refuse to allow a small group of individuals, who don’t even live within the incorporated City Limits, to gain control of the council through puppet candidate(s).”

There was also the postcard they sent out that tried to insinuate Jackie Nairn and I were directly recruited and run by Sherry Twamley/Verde Village News Facebook page because she supported our candidacy.

None of it can be substantiated. I made one comment about her actions as a sitting council member, which was a matter of public record and you allowed her to write a “rebuttal.” Is there any integrity when it comes to disseminating truth? She also waged a campaign at the rec center, claiming that I wanted to close that facility and the library. None of which were true. There’s a pretty good story there. Are you only willing to publish the kind of things that fit a particular bias or will we see the other side of the story as I have revealed it here?

Michael Mathews currently sits in third place in the Cottonwood City Council primary election results. Those results have not yet been declared “official” by Yavapai County.