Sat, May 25

Charlie German seeks re-election as Camp Verde mayor
Primary Faceoff: Q&A with Camp Verde mayoral candidates

Charlie German

Charlie German

Charlie German bio

Age: 75

Years in Arizona/Verde Valley: Native of Arizona, Born in Flagstaff and have lived in Camp Verde for over 60 years.

Professional (and military) history: Taught in Camp Verde’s school district, taught and served as principal in Cottonwood Oak-Creek School District. Served in United States Navy.

Education: B.S. in Elementary Education and M.A. in Elem. Principalship/Superintendency.

Elective and Advisory Experience: Elected and Secretary Treasurer of the Camp Verde Vol. Fire District and was Elected as Fire Chief.

Civic Affiliations: Charter member of the local Kiwanians, The Camp Verde Library Association; Camp Verde Library Endowment Board.

Question 1: Now that the race for the Camp Verde mayor is down to two candidates, how do you feel about another public forum be held for the candidates to restate positions and to dispel any mistruths that are inherent in the political process? Please explain.

German: There will be another League of Women Voters’ Forum and is scheduled for Sept. 27, at the Camp Verde Library Fireside Room from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. 

I think this is great and hope to be able to talk about issues and topics such as the importance of political stability, budget and its process, preservation of the river, new business prospects and the need for infrastructure. 

Question 2: When council votes on a matter in one of its meetings, each vote counts the same. This means the mayor has no more authority than any of the other council members. But the mayor is still the face of the town. As mayor, what would you do – or continue to do – to build those necessary relationships with the outlying and partnering communities? 

German: It is absolutely critical to keep the best possible relationship with those communities. Utilizing the Verde Front organization to accomplish contact has been excellent in developing how the Verde River and the Verde Valley/Sedona “String of Pearls” are important to all of us for economic development and quality of life. 

As Mayor, I have tried to present the consensus of the C.V. council’s thinking on issues that affect us all as communities. 

Our local council has a list of organizations and governmental units of which we assign a council member to be able to act as a liaison to that entity.

We also have the Inter-governmental meetings with Mayors, managers, and council members on a quarterly basis.  

I would also continue to respond to requests to speak at various functions within Camp Verde as well as other places. 

Question 3: Back in 2014, the Camp Verde council voted to approve an increase in the town’s sales tax. It was not a popular decision, but the increase brought additional revenue to the community. Do you believe that it is your duty to make tough decisions regardless of their popularity as you serve the short- and long-term needs of all your 11,000-plus constituents? Please explain. 

German: It is the responsibility of council to consider what the community has expressly approved through their votes such as with the General Plan, the Verde River Master Recreation Plan and the Focus Future II plan which were citizen originated and voter approved. 

Those documents give clear direction to Council and Staff as to how the community wants to develop and grow. 

The creation of these documents have their origins with the State Legislature starting with “Smart Growth” requirements.  The Council and Mayor have a distinct responsibility to provide for the needs of the majority of the community they serve. 

The “common council” serves the entire community and not just a segment. Bringing additional growth to the community assists with spreading the costs of providing services over additional homes and businesses. 

The Town does not provide all of the services the community has at its disposal.   The School District has its own taxing authority, the Fire District has its own taxing authority and so on. 

The Town is run through the use of the sales tax with the exception for paying off construction costs of the original Sewer Treatment Plant which utilizes a property tax. That tax will eventually be extinguished.  

I will continue to make future decisions based on those documents, council discussion and through conversations with businesses and individuals and how the decision will accomplish the community’s voter directed goals for the Town.