Thu, May 23

Letter: Traffic diversion would destroy property values


I am writing to say that I am strongly opposed to any diversion of traffic or development of Verde Valley School Road in the Village of Oak Creek.

The diversion of traffic to Verde Valley School Road and Red Rock Crossing would destroy the property values of many of us who live in the Village and it would seriously damage our quality of life and the ecology of Red Rock Crossing. It would also cost each household many thousands of dollars since the County does not have the funds to undertake such a massive and needless project. I am not willing to pay one cent for such a project.

Traffic from Phoenix to West Sedona will be redirected to West Sedona via State Routes 260 and 89A as soon as 260 is completed this fall and the signage at the 260 exit is in place; this route will be 4-lanes all the way and much faster than any alternate route through the Village of Oak Creek.

There is absolutely no need, and many of us residents have no desire, to encourage more traffic into the Village and then direct it along Verde Valley School Road through our neighborhoods.

Many of us residents oppose any such move as detrimental to our well being and our property value and, as stated above, we are totally opposed to paying for it.

In addition, I request that the upcoming survey regarding this matter be taken as soon as possible.

All property owners who are part-time residents have forwarding addresses to receive the survey. Please, let’s get it done now.

Mary E Kendall