Sat, May 25

A busy 2019 with new leadership at Big Park Council

By Marc Fuller
Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

By Marc Fuller President Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

On December 13th, 2018, at its regular meeting, the Board elected its new officers for 2019: Marc Fuller: President, Jim Cunningham: Vice President, Dave Norton: Treasurer, Secretary: Crystal Hoyle.

2019 promises to be a busy year for the Big Park Council but first, I thought it would be helpful for newer residents to have some background on the Council.

The Council was incorporated on February 19, 1997, as an Arizona non-profit corporation with 13 members.

The Council is now approaching 28 board members representing HOA’s, Residential Associations (non-HOA’s), Educational & Business Organizations which represent the majority of Big Park/Village of Oak Creek’s defined area population, approximated at 7,400 residents.

Contrast this to the Arizona House of Representatives which has only 60 members representing Arizona’s entire population of about 7 million.

The Council’s Articles of Incorporation include the following objects, purposes and powers as follows:

• To promote the best interests of our Community “…but at no time shall this Council supersede the legal rights or the authority of any individual member association;”

• To conduct studies of the problems affecting the Community and to seek their solutions;

• To give expression to the thoughts and interests of the members of the Council and to make them known;

• To represent the interests of the Community to County, State and Federal agencies and private persons, firms or organizations affecting the Community.

Without power to legislate or tax, the Council is the truest form of American grassroots politics, untainted by money and fostered only by a strong sense of volunteerism among neighbors and friends in this beautiful place we call home.

Building from the two-year leadership of Tom Graham’s term as president, the new Council officers will work diligently for open and transparent communications and participation.

The Council relies on input from our diverse member neighborhoods, business organizations and educational institutions and, as much as possible, its standing and ad hoc committees.

From that input, the Council discusses and formulates its decisions that are disseminated with one clear voice from the Council to the Community, the County and State, local leadership and the media.

The Council is committed to following its Bylaws which can be viewed and downloaded on the Council website -- as well as its Articles of Incorporation -- that have provided the Council a solid foundation since its inception.

The Council’s regular monthly meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. at Station #3 of the Sedona Fire District next to the US Post Office in the Village.

If you are interested in what’s happening in your Community, you can learn a lot just by attending the monthly meetings or visiting our website, If you have a question, you can direct your inquiry to

If you want to help shape the decisions of the Council and the Community there are many ways to get involved including membership by your HOA or neighborhood or personally volunteering for a committee.

January will introduce new and better ways to communicate with the Council representatives.

The Council will also seek to facilitate community attendance at standing committee meetings such as the Council’s Planning and Zoning Committee.

Which leads to one of the foremost initial activities of the Council for early 2019: the review of the zoning and variance request pertaining to the Hilton Garden Inn on the corner of AZ 179 & Jacks Canyon Road.

This is a request which has the potential to affects us all. If you are interested, the applicant’s request package can be downloaded from the Council website from this link:

While you are online, subscribe to the Council’s website email list so you can receive email updates of planned meetings.

Discuss the changes with your Council representative and come to the meetings to share your questions and concerns with the Council overall. Council works best with maximum communication and participation, and with that, I look forward to seeing you in 2019.