Sat, May 25

Clark’s Market in the Village promises culinary excitement and whole new look

After months of renovation to the former Weber’s IGA Market, Clark’s Market is rounding the final corner on their massive remodel. 

The changes are apparent as soon as you walk through the front doors and are greeted by warm tones from the flooring, décor, new shelving, new check stands and a centerpiece Wine, Beer & Liquor department featuring dark wooden cabinets to showcase the product. 

But Clark’s is famous not just for its looks. They’ve got a whole world of expanded goods and products. A short walk to the expanded deli introduces you to some culinary excitement: gorgeous wood fired pizza oven, fresh meat smoker, tortilla machine and an Italian gelato wheel are just some of the new features in this new deli and bakery space. 

The Produce Department has been expanded and the new sleek cases are filled with the freshest produce, both conventional and organic. 

The Meat Department has also been expanded and is featuring quality products like Certified Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef, Smart Chicken and the freshest seafood options.

The widened aisles give shoppers more room to navigate the store and the new refrigerated and frozen cases hopefully make it easy to find what you are looking for. 

Clark’s still has a few more surprises to come – for starters, a brand new ceiling and an online shopping and delivery service.  If you haven’t stopped by lately, make a point of dropping in to see this completely updated & renovated market that is uniquely exciting for the Village.