Sat, May 25

HOA’s offer a sense community, property value protection

Gwen Hanna
VOCA Board 
of Directors

Gwen Hanna President VOCA Board of Directors

People often ask, “Why is my neighborhood in an HOA and what do I get for my assessments?”

As a start, the presence of a highly functional HOA, can dramatically increase the value of homes in the neighborhood. The rules and regulations established by the HOA are designed to support and protect the community by providing various services, and ensuring compliance in accordance with the governing documents.

Similar to VOCA, many HOA’s provide benefits to the overall community with numerous amenities such as tennis/pickle ball courts, golf course, community park, sponsored activities, use of the community center space, etc. Further, HOA fees are used for common area ground maintenance and upkeep, helping to preserve the appearance of the entire neighborhood. In VOCA’s case, this includes the maintenance of the road medians on Bell Rock Blvd. and Verde Valley School Road.

Smaller HOA’s are often self-managing, meaning that all the activities are handled by the Board of Directors and the various committees that support them. Larger HOA’s will generally enlist the assistance of a Homeowners Association Management Company. VOCA has retained HOAMCO for that purpose. They manage the general administrative and oversight duties required to keep the association in compliance with legal and financial requirements, and work closely with the Architectural Review Committee and the Board of Directors to ensure adherence with our governing documents.

More importantly, HOAMCO’s onsite staff are the first point of contact in assisting our VOCA community with various inquiries, and providing all the services offered by our HOA. We have a summary of benefits which is available for any VOCA member interested in more details.

VOCA (or any HOA) may not be perfect for everyone, but I personally can’t think of anywhere else where we can have great views, an incredibly beautiful golf course, a community center and park with many amenities and services, all for our modest annual assessment.

More importantly, HOA’s like VOCA can offer a sense of community, an invaluable contribution in an increasingly transient society. All it takes is for our VOCA members to engage and participate.

So, as we enter into this new year, please consider adding us to your resolution and become part of the VOCA family of volunteers and employees.

From the VOCA Board of Directors, we wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2019.