Tue, May 21

Letter: Art of compromise lost in today’s political world


After the Reformation civil religious wars broke out between Catholics and Protestants, know as the Thirty Year’s War.

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) attempted to mediate between sides, meeting with leaders on both sides and urging them to meet and come to some kind of a truce. They refused to listen to Montaigne, preferring rather to kill each other for 30 years.

Recent polls show that Americans care about one thing above all else: elected officials working together across political divides to accomplish those vital services we the people demand.

Both parties refuse to cooperate once they are in power. Now the Democrats are refusing to compromise with President Trump on the border barrier. This sets a bad precedent and denies the taxpayers their fundamental wish: get your act together or get out.

As an Independent I can often see the middle ground that the party faithful cannot. A compromise might look like this: Trump gets border barrier in some areas and Dems could negotiate for new and expanded border facilities to house, feed, and help migrants get green cards and eventually citizenship. Also ending migrant family separation: children belong to their parents not to the state.

We can choose to follow in the spirit of Montaigne and work together or we can surrender to hate, mistrust, and eventual violence.

Hopefully our next civil war will not last 30 years, but if we do not find middle ground I fear that this is where we are heading.

Matthew Holmes