Sat, May 25

Contractual CC&Rs define community 'feel 'of Big Park

Marc Fuller

Marc Fuller

As all who live here implicitly know, Big Park is a true community. While not being an incorporated area establishing its own planning, zoning and other policies, the large majority of Big Park’s residents and businesses function from properties covered by a “contract” that defines how the property will be used.

That contract is commonly known as the property’s CC&Rs or more specifically Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The Wikipedia defines a covenant thusly regarding its usage regarding real property:

“In real property law, the juristic term real covenants means conditions tied to the ownership or use of land. A “covenant running with the land”, meeting tests of wording and circumstances laid down in precedent, imposes duties or restrictions upon the use of that land regardless of the owner.”

I believe it is these community wide CC&Rs that, in large part, shape and establish the community feel of Big Park.

While every neighborhood maybe somewhat different, the common elements of all our CC&Rs together help define what we have come to enjoy and appreciate about Big Park.

With our shared concern regarding recent and future applications for planning and zoning changes I feel it is important to identify again one of the primary purposes of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council.

“To represent the interests of the Community to County, State and Federal agencies and private persons, firms or organizations affecting the Community.”

Couple this primary purpose with the fact that most members of the Council are Associations who exist, at least in part, to enforce their respective CC&Rs.

With that in mind then, it becomes apparent that the Council members will consider planning and zoning requests not only from a perspective of applicable Yavapai County laws and policies, but importantly also include the restrictions which are applied upon the property and enforced through the respective association.

The restrictions that establish the neighborhood in question and cumulatively help shape what we love about Big Park.

It is this reality that should provide some measure of comfort to residents. While county planning and zoning does not consider CC&Rs in reviewing and acting upon applications for change and variance, the members of the Big Park Council most assuredly do.

The Council’s regular monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. at Station #3 of the Sedona Fire District next to the US Postal Service in the Village.

If you are interested in what is happening in your community, you can learn a lot just by attending the monthly meetings or visiting our website,

If you have a question, you can direct your inquiry to