Thu, May 23

PAD amendment workshops for The Collective well received by locals

In an effort to answer Villagers’ calls for more transparency in the real estate development process, The Collective Sedona has been hosting a series of community meetings dubbed “P.A.D. Amendment Workshops."

These meetings have been run ahead of the official hearing process required by the county to make changes to the P.A.D. in which The Collective finds its rules and regulations. Management wants the word to get out and has worked hard to reach every Villager, so they have the opportunity to engage in the discussions.

Advertising for the meeting was done through social media platforms, the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, local newspapers, and, most recently, through the VOCA mailing list. An initiative was in place to release video recordings of each meeting through YouTube, but attempts were compromised by technical difficulties – primarily poor audio quality making the recordings useless.

The first of these meetings was held on December 14, 2018, with an attendance of 14 Villagers. The second and third meetings, in which identical presentations were made, were held in rapid succession on January 11, 2019 and January 17, 2019 to broaden the reach to the community after only six Villagers were in attendance on January 11. After engaging in a VOC version of a guerilla marketing campaign, 14 new faces joined The Collective management in the Vista Hall space on January 17.

In these meetings, Collective GM Rodney Boden raised several topics to the attendees for discussion. Each topic was curated after eight months of experiential, data driven, and common-sense analysis of the impact that current county and P.A.D. zoning rules and regulations are having on tenants’ abilities to thrive in business. At this point in the process, The Collective management is soliciting ideas for what appropriate measures to mitigate prosperity-damaging zoning code could be. The intention behind the action is to learn what The Collective can do to lift-up their tenants through favorable amendments, answer the community’s call for preservation of their cherished way-of-life, and navigate away from the circuitous, “clunky”, and often contradictory, multiple-document model that currently exists.

The topics discussed were: wayfinding around the property, events limitations, Monument Sign visibility and turnover of drivers on AZ-179, current signage inefficiencies, current P.A.D. limitations, and the woes of tenancy in “the back” of the property due to current signage rules and regulations. Tangents in to The Collective’s initiative to be “better than dark sky compliant” and initial plans to address “grandfathered” lighting fixtures were briefly entertained.

After careful review of conflicting calendars such as the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, BPRCC, and VOCA, the date for the next – and hopefully final – “P.A.D. Amendment Workshop” is Monday, February 11, 2019 at 10 a.m., at The Collective Sedona. The meeting will be held in the blue building with the sign “GALLERIES & SHOPS”, next to Rotten Johnny’s Wood-Fired Pizza Pie.

Keep an eye on The Collective Sedona blog,, for updates and detailed minutes from the meetings as we move along.