Thu, May 23

Pinon Woods Gate, Hilton Garden Inn remain high on VOCA radar

Gwen Hanna

Gwen Hanna

As a Board member of one of the largest homeowners association in the VOC, and often as the voice that represents our Board of Directors, it’s challenging to find the right balance in communicating to the community, in terms of the method, content, and frequency.

Therefore, to find out more about how our membership receives VOC/VOCA news, we recently sent an online survey to VOCA owners to gauge community sentiment. We were delighted at the large number of responses, and will summarize the results once the survey is closed and the feedback is condensed into major themes.

In the meantime, besides everything happening in and around VOC, there were two notable items of community business that specifically impacted VOCA and its residents, as follows:

• Pinon Woods Gate: After considerable deliberation and study, the Yavapai County has made the decision to remove the Pinon Woods gate. Quoting the Yavapai County Public Works: “In the interest of reducing maintenance costs associated with the repeated damage to the gate, as well as to determine specific effects to the neighborhood of the gate being open, Public Works evaluated the traffic that utilizes the route through the gate location during peak travel hours and over longer periods. After completion of the study, the Yavapai County Public Works recommended that the Board of Supervisors approve the permanent removal of the automated gate on Pinon Woods Drive, and to maintain the route as an unimpeded public roadway in perpetuity.” This item was listed on the agenda of the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting of December 19th and was passed unanimously.

• The Patel Property-Hilton Garden Inn Zoning Change: Although it will be up to the Yavapai County to determine if they will allow a zoning change to the Patel property, because this site is under the jurisdiction of VOCA’s Master Declaration and CC&R’s, the Architectural Review and Restrictions Committee is responsible for reviewing and providing input with respect to compliance. As VOCA owners, the applicants have requested (1) a zoning change from residential to commercial, (2) a waiver of the two story height limitation to allow for three stories, (3) a waiver to reduce the setback from the required 25 feet to 16 feet for the main hotel and to three feet for the extended stay units, and (4) a waiver to reduce the side setback from the required seven feet to four feet for the extended stay units.

VOCA’s ARRC has determined and sent a letter of response to the Yavapai County Development Services, Planning Division, that it is in the best interest of the Association to object to the zoning change and all three of the waivers.

As for communication, we currently have many sources of information available for our HOA and even the wider Village and Sedona area news. They include, our Monthly VOCA Newsletter, the VOCA website, the Villager and, special event email blasts to our Members. You can also stay updated on Yavapai County news via their website and Big Park Council via