Tue, May 21

CV baseball falls to No. 1 Scottsdale Christian

Scottsdale Christian celebrates their berth in the state championship game. VVN/James Kelley

Scottsdale Christian celebrates their berth in the state championship game. VVN/James Kelley

GOODYEAR — Camp Verde High baseball’s run came to end an in the state final four.

No. 1 Scottsdale Christian beat the No. 5 Cowboys 9-0 in the state semifinals in Goodyear.

“We were overmatched a little bit by their pitching style,” CV head coach Will Davis said. “Other than that I think we were as good as them.”

The Eagles, who would go on to win the state championship, scored three in the first, one in the second and fourth and two in the fifth and sixth innings.


Camp Verde senior Braden Schuh pitches against Scottsdale Christian. VVN/James Kelley

SCA junior Ronan Kopp pitched six innings, striking out 15 and giving up no hits.

“The lefty was pretty good, he was going to be hard for anybody to beat,” Davis said.

This was the Cowboys’ first semifinals appearance since 2010 and the furthest they have gone since 2016 when they reached the quarterfinals. They won the Central region and had an 11 game winning streak going into the semifinals.

“Great season, these boys should be very proud of themselves,” Davis said. “They fought hard all year, they won some games that people didn’t think they would and took themselves to a spot nobody thought they’d be, so I’m very proud of them, they did a great job this year.”

In 2010 the Cowboys reached the state title game.

Davis thinks they can reach the semifinals again soon.

“I think it was big for them, obviously the ultimate goal is winning and in the end we didn’t do that but these boys should be very proud of what they did and there’s a lot of young guys with a lot of talent on this team that can very well be back here again,” Davis said.

The Cowboys lost six seniors: Dominiq Bruno, Kolby Hedges, Dakota Battise, Shawn Daniels, Braden Schuh and Dawson McCune.

“The senior class carried us all year,” Davis said. “Dakota Battise, he was our team MVP all year long, stats may not say it but the player was the guy who mentally had us involved in every game, carried us into big wins and got us this far. Dominiq same kinda thing, different type of leader, guy who goes out and leads with his skill on the field instead of with his other intangibles. Dawson, what a huge change from last year to this year, I mean he just grew up right in from of my eyes, so proud of that kid, did a wonderful job this year. Braden, same thing, neither one of them had great years last year and both of them had great years this year, so that was really cool to see.

“Kolby not really playing a lot until last year and didn’t get a lot of time last year, coming in this year in a weird role did a really good job and is a great kid, love having him around on the team. It’s kinda the same thing with Shawn, Shawn was one of those guys who didn’t see a lot of time but was the loudest guy in the dugout all year and that meant as much to this group as anything. Sometimes people forget how important the dugout is and as a coach I don’t.”

This year’s team was more even than last year when they had no seniors or in 2017 when they had 10 and with successful younger players, the Cowboys have promise for the future.

“There’s some really talented underclassmen on this team and as long as we don’t have any injuries and we keep showing up and working hard, this team has a chance to be right back here in a year or two,” Davis said.