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Texas school shooting: Lawmakers press governor to call special session on gun control

PHOENIX -- Democrat lawmakers are using Friday’s school shooting in Texas in a bid to get Gov. Doug Ducey to call lawmakers into special session to adopt new gun laws.

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Governor vetoes bill to raise auto minimum liability limits

PHOENIX -- Motorists are going to be able to operate their cars and trucks on Arizona roads with the same level of liability insurance they had to purchase in 1972.

Governor signs law making it harder for jobless Arizonans to receive benefits

Arizonans who don't take pretty much any job after being out of work for at least four weeks will lose their unemployment benefits.

Arizona's jobless rate at 4.9%

Arizona's jobless rate is stalled -- and at a rate higher than earlier this year -- even as the national figure continues to drop.

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Ducey open to off-track betting for Arizonans

Gov. Doug Ducey is open to the idea of allowing Arizonans to place bets on sporting events at 55 off-track betting sites around the state.

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Coming soon: delivery robots

Coming soon to a sidewalk near you: 200 pound autonomous delivery robots.

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CA$H CROP: Governor signs legislation allowing Arizona farmers to grow hemp

PHOENIX -- Don’t be surprised if sometime next year you see acres and acres of what appears to be marijuana growing, unfenced, in the desert.

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Supreme Court ruling may open door to legalized sports wagering in Arizona

PHOENIX -- A new ruling Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court could open the door to Arizonans legally betting for -- or against -- the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals and even the Wildcats, Sun Devils and Lumberjacks. And it could mean more money for the state.

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Federal Court rules in favor of ballot harvesting law

A federal judge won't overturn a law that makes it a felony to bring someone else's early ballot to a polling place.

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Arizona Supreme Court agrees to hear Snowbowl arguments

The Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the Hopi tribe can try to block the use of treated effluent to make snow on the San Francisco Peaks.

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Ducey determined to push school gun safety plan

Undeterred by opposition from his own party, Gov. Doug Ducey is determined to make another bid this coming year to let parents and school officials ask judges to take guns away from people who are a danger to themselves or others -- assuming he’s still governor.

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Amber Alert Canceled: 2-year-old girl located, suspect in custody

According to the Peoria Police Department, 2-year-old Khaleesi Morales was located unharmed and the suspect, 32-year-old Luis Jesus Morales, was taken into custody. The Amber Alert has been canceled.

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National Park Service works to attract more ethnically diverse visitors to Grand Canyon

More than 6 million people visited the Grand Canyon last year, but only a tiny fraction were people of color.

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School merger bill sent bill to Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk

A bill that would bar Mingus Union to veto a school merger ballot initiative is just a bill, only a bill.

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Medical pot testing bill fails to pass before end of session

Arizona’s more than 162,000 medical marijuana users are not going to get any state protection from being sold drugs that are tainted with pesticides or mold, at least not for the time being.

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Voters will have last say on voucher program

It looks like voters are going to get the last word on whether they want more tax dollars used to send children to private and parochial schools.

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Gov. Ducey signs legislation granting teachers average 19% pay increase within 3 years

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation early Thursday granting teachers an average 19 percent pay increase within three years.

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#RedForEd decides it's time for teachers to go back to work

Unable to convince Republicans to provide more cash for K-12 education, members of the #RedForEd movement told members late Tuesday to go back to work.

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New budget deal pledges 9-percent raise for teachers

Rebuffing last-minute protests by educators picketing the Capitol, Republican lawmakers took the first steps Monday to providing a 9-percent raise this coming year for teachers. But not necessarily all teachers.

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State teacher walkout enters third day

Goldwater Institute attorney claims teachers conducting an illegal strike

The teacher strike enters its third day Monday as educators remain dissatisfied with the pay hike proposal by Gov. Doug Ducey and many schools remain closed despite threats by the Goldwater Institute to sue.

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Income tax surcharge proposed to support higher education

Ignored by the governor and GOP lawmakers, a coalition of teachers, parents and education advocates are taking their case for more state dollars for classrooms directly to voters even as Ducey and legislative leaders say they’ve reached a budget deal -- one that ignores those demands.

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Ducey tries to pressure lawmakers on teacher raise

Unable to stop educators from walking out, Gov. Doug Ducey now is trying to pressure members of his own Republican Party to approve his pay hike proposal -- and his plan to fund it largely through anticipated economic growth.

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Teacher protection bill proposed by House Majority Whip Kelly Townsend

With a strike today, a key Republican lawmaker is moving to give legal protections to teachers who say they don't want to walk out.

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Fighter jet crashes on Havasu airport runway (with video)

Road traffic was slowed near Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport on Tuesday after a multi-million dollar fighter jet rolled off of the runway.

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GOP ‘unease’ over revenue for teacher pay raises

PHOENIX -- Top Republicans are huddling to see if they can reach an accord over the issue of teacher pay ahead of Thursday’s strike deadline, potentially forestalling or at least undermining the walkout.