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Ducey consents to issue driver’s licenses for ‘Dreamers’

PHOENIX -- After fighting the issue in court for years, Gov. Doug Ducey has finally agreed to issue driver’s licenses to all deferred action recipients.

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Lawmaker advocates ‘porn tax’ to help build borderwall

What if you knew that money could help build a wall with Mexico?

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AZ Medicaid recipients may have to work for benefits

About 126,000 Arizonans who get free health care will soon be required to work if they can.

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Gila River tribe threatens to leave drought plan

The Gila River Indian Community is threatening to blow up the drought contingency plan because of efforts it says will undermine its claim to water rights.

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Gov. Ducey spending plan comes in at $11.4 Billion

PHOENIX -- Flush with cash, Gov. Doug Ducey is proposing an $11.4 billion spending plan for the coming year.

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Proposed change in law would ensure edible medical marijuana remains legal

PHOENIX -- A Peoria Republican lawmaker is moving to alter state law to ensure that edible forms of medical marijuana remain legally available to patients.

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Water conservation plan pits cities vs. Pinal farmers

PHOENIX -- An organization that represents major Arizona cities is effectively warning Pinal County farmers not to demand more in the proposed drought contingency plan.

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Arizonans consumed nearly 60 tons of medical marijuana in 2018

PHOENIX -- The number of pounds of medical marijuana being purchased and consumed in Arizona is increasing at a rate twice as fast as the number of people legally entitled to use it.

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Governor pushes school safety, drought contingency in State of State

PHOENIX -- Undeterred by last year's defeat, Gov. Doug Ducey said Monday he will make another run at getting lawmakers to approve his school safety plan -- including a controversial provision to allow judges to take weapons away from people considered dangerous.

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Legislation seeks to outlaw sale of vaping products to teens

PHOENIX -- Calling the current law fatally flawed and ineffective, a veteran lawmaker wants the state to impose far more restrictions on access to vaping products by teens.

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Governor Doug Ducey demands Colorado River drought plan for Arizona before feds get involved

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey used his second inaugural speech Monday to exhort lawmakers and others with a claim to Colorado River water to approve a drought contingency plan before a solution is imposed by the Bureau of Reclamation.

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AG hopes to ‘Stop skyrocketing tuition’ at state’s universities in 2019

PHOENIX -- Attorney General Mark Brnovich used his inaugural speech Monday to point up a key disagreement he has with Gov. Doug Ducey.

You can get front-row seat to Monday’s Arizona inauguration ceremony for $10,000 minimum

PHOENIX -- Want to watch Monday’s inauguration of the state’s top officials in person but don’t want to be stuck in the cheap seats -- or left standing?

Activist wants to freeze property taxes for seniors

PHOENIX --The way self-proclaimed tax activist, Lynne Weaver sees it, anyone who make it to age 65 should not have to pay property taxes on their homes.

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New state law adds layer of consumer protection from ‘surprise’ hospital bills

Arizonans are finally going to get some protection from “surprise’’ hospital bills.

Lawmaker wants online signatures allowed for initiatives, referendums

PHOENIX -- A proposal by a Southern Arizona lawmaker could make it easier for groups to propose their own state laws and constitutional amendments.

Phoenix man seeks public vote to legalize all drugs in Arizona

A Phoenix resident is seeking a public vote on a proposal to make Arizona the first state in the nation to effectively repeal all drug laws.

Citizen initiative seeks exclusive ward elections for Tucson City Council seats

Unable to get courts to void Tucson’s current council election system, some political interests now are taking their case directly to voters.

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Name game 2018

One thing is clear from the latest list of the most popular baby names in Arizona this year.

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Attorney general asks Supreme Court to block Phoenix anti-discrimination ordinance

PHOENIX -- Arizona’s chief prosecutor is urging the state’s high court to block Phoenix from enforcing its anti-discrimination ordinance against two women who refuse to craft wedding materials for same-sex nuptials.

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Two commissioners say APS making too much money

PHOENIX -- Two utility regulators are questioning whether some customers of Arizona Public Services are paying too much -- and the company is earning more than it is legally entitled.

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Educators hope ‘Year of the Teacher’ will be first of many

WASHINGTON – A record 1,800 teachers were on ballots across the country this fall and the National Education Association estimates that as many as 1,100 of them won their races.

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Jerry Riopelle’s drunken ballet never went out of fashion in Arizona (with video)

Arizona music legend passes

If I could, I would build an Arizona musical Mount Rushmore.

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First in Congress? Get in line, as more women, minorities head to Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON – When Sen.-elect Kyrsten Sinema is sworn in next week, she will be the first woman to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate – a distinction that barely stands out in a Congress filled with firsts.

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The eagles have landed: bald eagle nest cam now streaming

PHOENIX — The camera is set, zoomed in and ready to broadcast the day-to-day life of a pair of bald eagles hoping to raise a family inside their nest at Lake Pleasant Regional Park.