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2012: Breast Cancer Digital mammography offers enhanced detection

Early detection of breast cancer improves the chance for cure. Digital mammography is a new form of mammography.

2012: Pocket guide to being a former smoker

Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest things for a smoker to do.

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2012: Common sense advice to combat common cold

This time of year with the start of school and changing weather can also bring on the common cold. Test your knowledge of preventative measures and treatments for colds.

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2012: VVMC’s ‘cutting-edge’ surgical services

VVMC’s Surgical Services offers both inpatient and outpatient procedures.

2012: Funeral preplanning provides peace of mind

We preplan many things in our lives: retirement, children’s college education, saving for a house, having adequate life or disability insurance.

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2012: The reason to ‘keep moving’

The Verde Valley is in the middle of a national initiative to keep kids and adults “moving” to hedge an apparent decline in overall health.

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2012: VVMC participates in life-changing medical research

Committed to staying on the cutting-edge of medical care, VVMC is a proud participant in several medical research projects.

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2012: Health care options for low-income seniors and disabled

Seniors over age 65 who need a nursing home level of care have options, according to Arizona Long Term Care Services of Cottonwood. Many ALTCS participants live in their own homes or in an assisted living facility and receive needed in-home services.

2012: Stay cool: Arizona’s heat can be deadly

Last year, 56 Arizona residents died due to heat related illnesses

2012: Advances in arthroscopic surgery

These days, smaller is better. The smaller the electronic gadget the better; right? But the principle also applies to surgery.

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2012: VVMC Orthopedic Program gets you back to the things you love

From accidents to injuries on the field, or the normal wear and tear of life, Verde Valley Medical Center’s Orthopedic Program stands ready with comprehensive surgical and rehabilitation services.

2012: Testicular Cancer: Early prevention is key to cure

It is one of those diseases you rarely hear of. But then again genital ailments are seldom the subject of polite conversation.

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2012: Elderly Depression: Senior Lifestyles Behavioral Health Program can help

According to the Mental Health Foundation, depression is more common in the elderly than in any other age group, affecting 20 percent of those living in the community and 40 percent of those living in assisted living/care homes.

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2012: VVMC, Northern Arizona Hospice to build new hospice home

Northern Arizona Hospice, a subsidiary of Verde Valley Medical Center, will build the Verde Valley’s first hospice house.

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2011: Hit the trails, get back in the game

VVMC’s EntireCare puts you back ‘on track’

The EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine Experts offers an interdisciplinary approach to assist patients in preventing disability, restoring functioning capabilities to the highest possible level and assisting in the maintenance of that level.

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2011: Nurses Network Homecare celebrates 25th year

Nurses Network is 25! Offering comprehensive home care and custodial services that allow individuals to live independently at home, Nurses Network is dedicated to providing exceptional services in the home -- the true healing environment.

2011: VVMC’s Orthopedic Program gets you back to the things you love

From accidents to injuries on the field, or the normal wear and tear of life, Verde Valley Medical Center’s Orthopedic Program stands ready with comprehensive surgical and rehabilitation services

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2011: Verde Valley Guidance Clinic expands primary care

The Verde Valley Guidance Clinic began offering primary care medical services to its seriously mentally ill patients about two and a half years ago as part of a national campaign to improve the general health of persons with mental illness by integrating psychiatric and primary care.

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2011: Yavapai County Community Health Services

Where can you get a flu shot, see a doctor when your child is sick and get an affordable reproductive health exam? At the same place that inspects restaurants for safe food practices, traps mosquitoes to test for West Nile virus and makes home visits to see newborn babies with medical problems.

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2011: Selecting in-home service providers

Seniors and people with various illnesses or disabilities often need in-home services to assist them with everyday tasks they cannot do themselves. There is a wide range of in-home care available, from cleaning services through skilled nursing.

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2011: Making sense of sunscreens

After 35 years of proposing various regulations for the manufacturers of sunscreens, the FDA has finally issued new labeling rules which will take effect by the summer of 2012.

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2011: Family health providers expand access to primary care

Verde Valley residents now have expanded access to primary care through Verde Valley Medical Center’s Family Health Providers. A service of VVMC, Family Health Providers has expanded to include primary care providers in four clinic locations throughout the greater Verde Valley area.

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2011: Caring for aging loved ones at home

As the American population ages, more and more family members are spending a significant amount of time caring for older loved ones, and helping to keep them in their own homes.